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Olsen Brothers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Greatest & Latest (1994) 01. Angelina [add]
02. Marie, Marie [add]
03. Je Ne Regrette Rien [add]
04. You Don't Know [add]
05. Loving You [add]
06. Cry Baby Cry [add]
07. Wings of an Eagle [add]
08. Vienna Express [add]
09. Julie [add]
10. San Francisco [add]
11. Fugle [add]
12. Flyvende Sommer [add]

Walk Right Back (2001) 01. Walk Right Back [add]
02. Beautiful Angel [add]
03. Forever [add]
04. Do You Wanna Dance [add]
05. True to Your Love [add]
06. I Only Want to See You Again [add]
07. Look Up Look Down [add]
08. Marie Marie lyrics
09. Shine on Shine [add]
10. Go East Go West [add]
11. Music Is My Only Friend [add]

Songs (2002) 01. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) [add]
02. Cecilia [add]
03. Mr. Tambourine Man [add]
04. Daydream Believer [add]
05. I Should Have Known Better [add]
06. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do [add]
07. With a Girl Like You [add]
08. The End of the World [add]
09. No Milk Today [add]
10. I'll Never Find Another You [add]
11. Young Girl [add]
12. All I Have to Do Is Dream [add]
13. Waterloo Sunset [add]
14. It's All Over Now [add]
15. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]

More Songs (2003) 01. Yellow River [add]
02. Bye Bye Love [add]
03. Take Good Care of My Baby [add]
04. Fernando [add]
05. There's a Kind of Hush [add]
06. Black Is Black [add]
07. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me [add]
08. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) [add]
09. I Hear You Knocking [add]
10. Alone Again (Naturally) [add]
11. Beautiful Sunday [add]
12. Rhythm of the Rain [add]
13. All My Loving [add]
14. Just Like a Woman [add]

Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt (2003) 01. Weil Nur Die Liebe Zählt [add]
02. San Francisco-Du Bist Die Stadt für Mich [add]
03. Du Bist Mein Engel [add]
04. Lass Deine Sorgen bei Mir [add]
05. Gib' Nicht Auf [add]
06. Ob in Ost, In Süd... [add]
07. Marie Marie-Ich Schenk' Dir ein Lied [add]
08. Es Ist Su Ende [add]
09. Julie-Du Bist Magie [add]
10. Angelina-Die Frau in Meinen Träumen [add]
11. Traumgirl [add]
12. Schein, Oh Schein [add]
13. Neon Madonna-Überall in der Stadt [add]
14. Liebe Mich [add]

Our New Songs (2005) 01. Little Yellow Radio [add]
02. Got a Lot of Love [add]
03. You'll Never Be Alone lyrics
04. Anytime Anywhere Anyway [add]
05. Little Tin Soldier [add]
06. We Were So Young [add]
07. Ride the Rainbow [add]
08. Child of the Universe [add]
09. Just a Kiss [add]
10. Angel Eyes [add]
11. Go to America [add]
12. Praise the Love [add]

Celebration (2005) 01. Fly on the Wings of Love [add]
02. Walk Right Back [add]
03. Ahgelina [add]
04. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) [add]
05. You'll Never Be Alone lyrics
06. San Francisco [add]
07. Little Yellow Radio [add]
08. We Were So Young [add]
09. Bye Bye Love [add]
10. Neon Madonna [add]
11. Little Tin Soldier [add]
12. Dreamworld lyrics
13. We Believe in Love [add]
14. Marie Marie lyrics
15. I Have to Dance [add]
16. Fugle [add]
17. Smuk Som et Stjerneskud [add]

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