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Whitecross lyrics
Genre: Gospel
In the Kingdom (1991) 01. No Second Chances [add]
02. We Know What's Right [add]
03. In the Kingdom [add]
04. In His Hands [add]
05. Good Enough [add]
06. Love Is Our Weapon [add]
07. The Eternal Fire [add]
08. You Will Find It There [add]
09. If He Goes Before Me [add]
10. Tell Me the Time [add]
11. Holy War [add]

Hammer & Nail (1992) 01. Living on the Edge [add]
02. When the Walls Tumble Down [add]
03. The Hammer and the Nail [instrumental] [add]
04. Take It to the Limit [add]
05. Walk With Me [add]
06. Because of Jesus [add]
07. When the Clock Strikes [add]
08. Resist Him [add]
09. Living in a Lost World [add]
10. Top of the World [add]

Triumphant Return (1992) 01. Attention Please [add]
02. Stop Light [add]
03. Straight Through the Heart [add]
04. Down [add]
05. Behold [add]
06. Shakedown [add]
07. Flashpoint [add]
08. Simple Man [add]
09. Over the Top [add]
10. Heaven's Calling Tonight [add]

High Gear (1993) 01. Hight Gear [add]
02. Dancin' in Heaven [add]
03. In America [add]
04. Overdrive [add]
05. Without Your Love [add]
06. Coming Home [add]
07. My Love [add]
08. I'm Askin' You Today [add]
09. Gonna Keep on [add]
10. I Shout [add]
11. Long Road to Walk [add]

Unveiled (1994) 01. Intro [add]
02. If You Beleive [add]
03. Home in Heaven [add]
04. Goodbye Cruel World [add]
05. Angel's Disguise [add]
06. I Keep Prayin' [add]
07. Come Unto the Light [add]
08. Instumental [add]
09. King of Angels [add]
10. Salt City [add]
11. Right Before Your Eyes [add]
12. No Other Love [add]

Flytrap (1996) 01. Get Real [add]
02. Amazing Love [add]
03. Refuse to Lose [add]
04. Eye to Eye [add]
05. End of the Line [add]
06. Say a Prayer [add]
07. Already Done [add]
08. Rev. 7 [add]
09. When He Comes [add]
10. To My Surprise [add]

One More Encore (1998) 01. Say a Prayer [add]
02. No Second Chances [Bonus Remake Cut] [add]
03. Goodbye Cruel World [add]
04. Amazing Love [add]
05. Fallen [add]
06. Eye to Eye [add]
07. End of the Line [add]
08. Come Unto the Light [add]
09. Collide [add]
10. I Keep Prayin' [add]
11. Far Away Places [add]
12. Home in Heaven [add]
13. Full Crucifixion [add]
14. It's Already Done [add]

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