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Alpha & Omega lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Almighty Jah (1988) 01. Almighty Jah [add]
02. Hand to the Wheel [add]
03. Dub Can Reveal [add]
04. Honest Opinion lyrics
05. David and Goliath [add]
06. Rasta Is Merciful [add]
07. Mercuful Vision [add]
08. Africa Is Calling [add]
09. Banks of the Nile [add]
10. Sheba's Journey [add]
11. Pure and Clean [Remix] [add]
12. California V. Powell [Remix] [add]
13. Justice Has to Be Seen [Remix] [add]
14. Yemenite Chant [Remix] [add]
15. Alpha and Omega [add]
16. Liberate the Nation [add]
17. Only in Your Self [add]

Safe in the Ark (1988) 01. Show Me a Purpose [add]
02. Purposeful Dub [add]
03. Ancient Wisdom [add]
04. Love Is a Principal Thing [add]
05. Principal Dub [add]
06. It's Alright [add]
07. Easy Dub [add]
08. Over Hills and Mountains [add]
09. Jah Is Calling [add]
10. Bind Us Together [add]
11. Bind Us Together [add]
12. Ancient Dub [add]
13. Jah Hear Me [add]

Watch and Pray: Overstanding (1988) 01. Jah Protection [add]
02. Protect I Dub [add]
03. A Homeless People [add]
04. No Mans Land [add]
05. Solomon and Sheba [add]
06. Freedom Fighters [add]
07. Dub Mightier Than the Sword [add]
08. Conscious Black [add]
09. Woman/Version [add]
10. In the Beginning [add]
11. Respect to the Warrior [add]
12. Who Is the Ruler? [add]
13. Africa [add]
14. Wicked Man Drop [add]
15. Prophecy Fulfilled [add]
16. Rastafari [add]
17. Dub Flute [add]
18. Fire! [add]
19. Merciful Jah [add]
20. The Roots [add]

Sound System Dub (1995) 01. Rastafari [From Watch and Pray] [add]
02. Freedom Fighters [From Outstanding] [add]
03. Africa / Ethiopia [#] [add]
04. Warrior [From Everyday Life] [add]
05. Conscious Black Woman [From Overstanding] [add]
06. Dub Flute [From Watch and Pray] [add]
07. Fire [From Watch and Pray] [add]
08. Merciful Jah [From Watch and Pray] [add]
09. Sheba's Journey [From Almighty Jah] [add]
10. Who Is the Ruler [From Watch and Pray] [add]
11. Sharu Att Our Aunt [From King and Queen] [add]
12. Ancient African Dun [12 Version] [add]
13. Show Me a Purpose [From Safe in the Ark] [add]
14. Pure and Clean [From King and Queen] [add]
15. Dub Is a Principal Thing [From Safe in the Ark] [add]

Dub Plate Selection, Vol. 1 (1995) 01. Under Contention [add]
02. Pure and Clean [add]
03. Ancient African Civilisation [add]
04. The Roots [add]
05. David and Goliath [add]
06. Jah Bless [add]
07. Jah Protection [add]
08. Respect to the Warrior [add]
09. One Woman Show [add]
10. Wicked Man Drop [add]
11. Show Me a Purpose [add]
12. Rastafari [add]

Voice in the Wilderness (1996) 01. Words of My Moth [add]
02. Rastafari [add]
03. The Firmament [add]
04. Voice in the Wilderness [add]
05. Seven Seas [add]
06. Rightful Ruler [add]
07. Dub Prophet [add]
08. This Judgement [add]
09. Ancient of Days [add]
10. Shahsamani [add]
11. Break Every Chain [add]
12. Words [add]

Dub Plate Selection, Vol. 2 (1997) 01. Promise Land [add]
02. Dub Signs [add]
03. Shashamani [add]
04. Ancient Wisdom [add]
05. Jerusalem [add]
06. Jah Is Calling [add]
07. Warrior [add]
08. King and Queen [add]
09. Stepping Up [add]
10. The Fireament [add]
11. No Mans Land [add]
12. Africa Ethiopa [add]

Daniel in the Lion's Den (1998) 01. One Woman Show [add]
02. Jah Is Gonna Help Me [add]
03. Behold [add]
04. The Hunted [add]
05. One Woman Dub [add]
06. Because I Love You [add]
07. Homegirl [add]
08. Suffer Little Children [add]
09. Dub Unto Me [add]
10. King and Queen [add]
11. Mankind See [add]
12. The Lion's Den [add]
13. The Vibration [add]
14. Majesty [add]
15. Jubilation [add]
16. Rasta Woman [add]
17. Pure and Clean [add]
18. Sharu Att Our Aunt [Beginning and End] [add]

Sacred Art of Dub (1999) 01. Prowling Lion [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]
02. Philosophers Stone [The Disciples Remix] [add]
03. Philosophers Dub [The Disciples Remix] [add]
04. Dancing on a Rainbow [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]
05. Seven Colours of Dub [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]
06. Elixir [The Disciples Remix] [add]
07. No Peace in the City [The Disciples Remix] [add]
08. Many Stories to Be Told [The Disciples Remix] [add]
09. Book of Dub [The Disciples Remix] [add]
10. Poor Man's Prayer [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]
11. Poor Man's Dub [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]
12. The Oracle [The Disciples Remix] [add]
13. The Tabernacle [The Disciples Remix] [add]
14. Roaring Lion [Alpha & Omega Remix] [add]

Mystical Things (2000) 01. It Hurts [add]
02. There Must Be a Dub [add]
03. Wounded [add]
04. Is This a Dream [add]
05. Sea of Dub [add]
06. Cry from a Shanty Town [add]
07. Poor Man's Dub [add]
08. King Lion [add]
09. Elephant Dance [add]
10. Back Against the Wall of Babylon [add]
11. Mystical Things [add]
12. Grasshopper [add]

Dub Philosophy (2001) 01. Chanting [add]
02. Almighty Dub [add]
03. Higher Than High [add]
04. Dubconscious [add]
05. Cornerstone [add]
06. Dub Philosophy [add]
07. Grateful and Humble [add]
08. Searching for the Dub [add]
09. Ruler of Them All [add]
10. Land of Dub [add]
11. Defeating the Giant [add]
12. Nothing But the Truth [add]
13. Dub of Purpose [add]

Serious Joke (2001) 01. The Dub Is out There [add]
02. Alchemy [add]
03. Survivor [add]
04. Serious Joke [add]
05. Elementary My Selector [add]
06. One Love [add]
07. Only One Dub [add]
08. In My Dreams [add]
09. Who Jah Bless [add]
10. Bless This Dub [add]
11. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing [add]
12. Dub Files [add]

Spirit of the Ancients (2003) 01. Sapno Mei [add]
02. Dub Feeling [add]
03. Spirit of the Ancients [add]
04. Meditation Rock [Original Mix] [add]
05. Lift Up Mine Eyes [add]
06. Dub in the Hills [add]
07. Inner Sanctuary [add]
08. Dub Sanctuary [add]
09. No More Sadness [add]
10. Island of Dub [add]
11. Chinese Connection [add]
12. Kongoman [add]
13. African Drums [add]
14. World of Corruption [add]
15. Dub of Correction [add]
16. Captivity Dubplate Mix [add]
17. Spearhead [add]
18. Sapno Mei Dub [add]
19. Free Again Dub [add]

Trample the Eagle and the Dragon and the Bear (2005) 01. Dub Fire [add]
02. Magic String [add]
03. Bush Ganja [add]
04. Oh What a Dub [add]
05. Who Am I to Judge [add]
06. Yabba Yabba Yabba [add]
07. Survivors of the City [add]
08. Don't Lock Me Down [add]
09. The Eagle, The Dragon and the Bear [add]
10. Dub Ammunition [add]
11. Moving Out of Babylon [add]
12. Sellasie I [add]
13. Guide Over Dub [add]
14. Wounded Children [add]
15. Burn a Ring of Fire [add]
16. Dub Masterpiece [add]

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