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Kim and Jerry Brodey lyrics
Genre: Children's
Like a Ripple on the Water (2007) 01. Bring It on In [add]
02. Like a Ripple on the Water [add]
03. Turn the World Around [add]
04. I Belong [add]
05. The World Is Our Community [add]
06. Building a Place [add]
07. Balanced on a Giant Web [add]
08. The Folks in My Neighbourhood [add]
09. Lean on Me (With Youth Outreach Choir) [add]
10. The Story of Stone Soup [add]
11. Simple Thing [add]
12. Everybody Loves Saturday Night [add]
13. Different Drums [add]
14. It Take a Whole Village to Raise a Child [add]

Let's Help This Planet (2007) 01. Big Day on the Planet [add]
02. Pass It On [add]
03. Sam the Silly Sailor (Poem) [add]
04. Garbage No, No, No [add]
05. Aye O! [add]
06. Let's Help This Planet [add]
07. I've Got a Rhythm [add]
08. Rainforest Rap [add]
09. Mr. Babbette [add]
10. Mother Earth Chant [add]
11. Big Day on the Planet [add]

Ideas That Sing (2007) 01. Holes in My Imagination [add]
02. Autumn to May [add]
03. Searching for Jennifer's Whale [add]
04. ABA Daba Honeymoon [add]
05. Simple Magic [add]
06. My Bonnie/The Captain and Me [add]
07. This Is My Family [add]
08. Side by Side [add]
09. Gisco Pop [add]
10. Wishes [add]
11. Aunt Beulah [add]
12. Walking to Freedom [add]
13. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [add]
14. Chante (Sing)- French [add]
15. Pop Goes the Weasel [add]
16. Hey Cha [add]
17. Nature's Lullaby [add]
18. Boat Goes Down the River [add]
19. Let's Help This Planet [add]
20. Ya-Ha Na Ho-Ya (Be Strong as a Bear) -Hopi [add]
21. Keenene (Rasberries)-Uganda [add]
22. Nan Yo Reh Yeh Yo (Children Are Special) -Maasai [add]
23. Festival [add]

Can You Hear My Voice (2007) 01. Can You Hear My Voice [add]
02. Moving in a Big Sea [add]
03. Pink and Blue [add]
04. Everybody Has Their Own Sound [add]
05. What Would It Be Like [add]
06. Walking Down the Road [add]
07. In the House Where I Live [add]
08. Major Bowles [add]
09. Rocky Road [add]
10. We Are the Voice of the Earth [add]
11. Walk in Someone Else's Shoes [add]
12. Baby in the Belly [add]
13. Sobonana Kusasa (We Will Meet Tomorrow) [add]

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