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Bedlam Bards lyrics
Genre: Folk
On the Drift (2006) 01. Ballad of Joss [add]
02. Paquin Rendezvous [add]
03. Big Damn Trilogy [add]
04. On the Drift [add]
05. On the Drift [add]
06. Saffron's Wedding Dance [add]
07. Hero of Canton [add]
08. River's Jig [add]
09. Theme Song Parody [add]
10. Eavesdown Docks [add]
11. Leaf on the Wind [add]
12. The Rock Garden [add]
13. Sail the Sky [add]

Furious Fancies (2006) 01. Bedlam Boys (Beardance) [add]
02. Queen of Argyle [add]
03. Amarillis' Secret [add]
04. Saint Brendan's Fair Isle (Slocket Light) [add]
05. Dark Lady [add]
06. Wind and Rain [add]
07. Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap/Newcastle [add]
08. Johnny Jump Up [add]
09. Kilkelly (Cedric's Farewell) [add]
10. MacPherson's Farewell [add]
11. Whiskey in the Jar [add]

Take out the Trash (2006) 01. The Drunken Virgin Jig Set [add]
02. Maids, When You're Young, Never Wed an Old Man [add]
03. Bell Bottom Trousers [add]
04. Oh, How the Money Rolls In [add]
05. The Scotsman/Donald, Where's Your Trousers [add]
06. Zulaika/Romantanask [add]
07. Black Leather Band [add]
08. O Lassie, Come Beat Me [add]
09. Wild Rover (Bill Palmer's Version) [add]
10. The Ball of Ballinor [add]
11. Crayfish [add]

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