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David Rudder lyrics
Genre: World
No Restriction: The Concert [live] (0000) 01. Tassa Introduction [add]
02. Hoosay lyrics
03. 1990 [add]
04. Behind the Bridge [add]
05. Ministry of Rhythm [add]
06. Day of the Warlord [add]
07. Pull Together [add]
08. Haiti [add]
09. Another Day in Paradise [add]
10. Panama [add]
11. Madman's Rant: Introduction [add]
12. Song for a Lonely Soul [add]
13. Calypso Music [add]
14. Bahia Girl [add]
15. The Hammer [add]
16. Wining Season [add]
17. The Power and the Glory [add]
18. Caribbean Party [add]
19. Carnival Ooman [add]
20. Bacchanal Woman [add]
21. The Ballad of Hulsie X [add]
22. Jump Up! [add]
23. Dus' in Dey Face [add]
24. Madness [add]
25. Madman's Rant/Song of the Earth [add]
26. Calypso Music: Sax Interlude [add]
27. Dedication [add]
28. Dus' in Dey Face [add]
29. No Restriction [add]
30. Nuff Respect [add]
31. Madman's Rant: Introspective [add]
32. Interview: David Rudder & Robin Foster [add]

Haiti (1988) 01. Rally Round the West Indies lyrics
02. Haiti [add]
03. Front Line [add]
04. The Hammer [add]
05. Bacchanal Lady [add]
06. Panama [add]
07. Engine Room [add]
08. One Love [add]

Here Comes the West (1988) 01. One Caribbean/Un Caribe [add]
02. Cuba [add]
03. Here Comes the West Indies [add]
04. Day of the Warlord [add]
05. Kingston Girl [add]
06. Big in the Dance [add]
07. Splendido Avenue [add]
08. My Girl [add]
09. One Caribbean (Reprise) [add]

New Day Dawning (1988) 01. 1990 [add]
02. Good Morning, South Africa [add]
03. Amandla Ngawethu [add]
04. Africa [live] [add]
05. Fire in the Laager [add]
06. Down at the Shebeen [add]
07. Working on the Join [add]
08. Johannesburg Woman [add]
09. Pull Together [add]
10. Victory Is Certain [add]
11. New Day Dawning [add]
12. 1990 [live] [add]
13. Victory Is Certain [Acoustic] [add]

1990 (1990) 01. Calypso Rising [add]
02. Just a Carnival [add]
03. One More, Officer [add]
04. Down at the Shebeen [add]
05. 1990 [add]
06. Dark Secret [add]
07. Johannesburg Woman [add]
08. Working on the Join [add]
09. Victory Is Certain [add]
10. There Is a Land [add]
11. Basement Party [add]
12. Victory Is Certain [Acoustic Version] [add]
13. Island Delight [add]

Tales From a Strange Land (1996) 01. The Case of the Disappearing Panyards [add]
02. Strange Tale of Madame Occhahontas and the Westminister Dreadlocks [add]
03. The Secret Wife of Plants [add]
04. No Restriction (On the Friction) [add]
05. Crossroads [add]
06. Behind the Bridge [add]
07. Tales From a Strange Land: Crossing the Bridge (The Madman's Rant) [add]
08. Tales From a Strange Land II: Crossing the Bridge (The Sun Still Rises [add]
09. Vibesing [add]

Lyrics Man (1996) 01. Heaven [add]
02. Another Day in Paradise [add]
03. The Ballad of Hulsiex [Another Day in Paradise II] [add]
04. Trail of the Boomsie [Another Day in Paradise III] [add]
05. Winin' Season [Another Day in Paradise IV] [add]
06. The Iron Band [Another Day in Paradise V] [add]
07. Club Hysteria [Another Day in Paradise VI] [add]
08. Legacy [add]
09. It's Only Natural [add]
10. Hallelujah [add]

Beloved (1998) 01. The Savagery [add]
02. High Mas I [add]
03. The Banana Death Song [add]
04. Montserrat [add]
05. Down Deh [add]
06. You Set a Fire [add]
07. The Immigrants [add]
08. Destination Desperation [add]
09. The Hurricane [add]
10. The Savagery [The Scent Has Returned] [add]
11. High Mas II [add]
12. Beloved [add]

International Chantuelle (1999) 01. Dougla Woman [add]
02. The Ganges and the Nile, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Shango Electric [add]
04. Adrenalin City [add]
05. De Baby Mother [add]
06. Limbo Break [add]
07. The Ganges and The Nile, Pt. 1 [add]
08. I Remember Fela [add]
09. International Chantuelle [add]
10. Fela's Jam [add]

Zero (2000) 01. Shake Down Time [add]
02. It Doesn't Get Too Much Better Than This [add]
03. The Ground Troops [add]
04. Wining in de Carnival [add]
05. The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horse Shoe Club [add]
06. Trini Girls [add]
07. Smiling Eyes of Steel [add]
08. What the World Needs Is a Damn Good Shake Down [add]
09. Seance on the 6th & 7th Fret [add]

The Autobiography of the Now (2001) 01. Seance (The Circle Is Unbroken) [add]
02. The Power of the Song [add]
03. Prelude to Chaos [add]
04. Jerusalem [add]
05. Requiem for Miss "D" [add]
06. Forty-One Bullets [add]
07. Back to the Same Ol' Same [add]
08. Bigger Pimpin' [add]
09. I'd Rather Be in Trinidad [add]
10. Havana [add]
11. Chocolate Fog [add]

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