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Guardian lyrics
Genre: Gospel
First Watch (1989) 01. I'll Never Leave You [add]
02. Mystery Man [add]
03. Livin' for the Promise [add]
04. Miracle [add]
05. Saints Battalion [add]
06. Kingdom of Rock [add]
07. The Good Life [add]
08. One of a Kind [add]
09. World Without Love [add]
10. Rock in Victory [add]
11. Hyperdrive [*] [add]
12. Marching On [*] [add]

Fire & Love (1991) 01. Power of Love [add]
02. Send a Message [add]
03. Time Stands Still [add]
04. Forever and a Day [add]
05. Takin' on the World [add]
06. Fire and Love [add]
07. Turnaround [add]
08. Time and Time Again [add]
09. The Rain [add]
10. Never Say Goodbye lyrics

Miracle Mile (1993) 01. Dr. Jones and The Kings of Rhythm [add]
02. Shoeshine Johnny lyrics
03. Long Way Home lyrics
04. I Found Love lyrics
05. Sweet Mystery lyrics
06. Let It Roll lyrics
07. Mr. Do Wrong [add]
08. Curiosity (Killed the Cat) [add]
09. Sister Wisdom lyrics
10. The Captain lyrics
11. You & I [add]
12. Do You Know What Love Is lyrics

Swing Swang Swung (1994) 01. The Way Home Back [add]
02. Endless Summer [add]
03. C'mon Everyone [add]
04. Like the Sun [add]
05. Rich Man Over the Line [add]
06. Your Love [add]
07. Don't Say That It's Over [add]
08. See You in Heaven [add]
09. Let the Whole World [add]
10. Preacher and the Bear [add]
11. Still on My Mind [add]
12. Why Don't We [add]

Buzz (1995) 01. This Old Man [add]
02. Lead the Way [add]
03. State of Mine [add]
04. The Lion's Den [add]
05. Are You Gonna Keep Your Word? [add]
06. One Thing Left to Do [add]
07. Hand of the Father [add]
08. Psychedelic Runaway [add]
09. Even It Out [add]
10. Lift Me Up [add]
11. Shorty [add]
12. Lullaby [add]
13. Them Nails [add]

Bottle Rocket (1997) 01. Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet? [add]
02. Bottle Rocket lyrics
03. Coffee Can lyrics
04. Revelation lyrics
05. What Does It Take? [add]
06. Babble On lyrics
07. Blue Light Special [add]
08. Break Me Down [add]
09. The Water Is Fine [add]
10. My Queen Esther [add]
11. Hell to Pay [add]
12. Fear the Auctioneer [add]
13. Harder Than It Seems [add]
14. Salvation [add]

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