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John P. Kee lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Yes Lord [live] (1987) 01. Yes, Lord [add]
02. I Worship Thee [add]
03. No One Can Stop Me [add]
04. Nobody But the Lord [add]
05. Happy [add]
06. Give It to Jesus [add]
07. Choose Ye This Day [add]
08. He's Coming Back [add]

There Is Hope (1990) 01. There Is Hope [add]
02. We Shall Overcome [add]
03. Getting My House in Order [add]
04. Happy [add]
05. Hallelujah [add]
06. Save the Children [add]
07. Instrumental Praise [add]
08. He Will Never Leave Me Alone [add]
09. It's Time to Praise the Lord [add]
10. I Worship Thee [add]

Churchin' (1992) 01. Jesus Is Real [Remix] [add]
02. Never Shall Forget [add]
03. Surrender [add]
04. Clean Me Up [add]
05. Jesus Came In [add]
06. Give God Thanks [add]
07. Jesus Will Make a Way [Remix] [add]
08. Unity [add]
09. None But the Righteous [add]
10. Wash Me [Remix] [add]
11. Peace on Earth [Remix] [add]

Color Blind (1994) 01. Watchin' You [add]
02. Colorblind [add]
03. Alright [add]
04. Traded [add]
05. Transformed [add]
06. I Won't Leave You Anymore [add]
07. It Could Have Been Me [add]
08. I Know You [add]
09. I Want to Love You [add]
10. Love's in Need [add]
11. Let It Go [add]
12. Salt of the Earth [add]

Wash Me [live] (1994) 01. Wash Me [add]
02. More Like Jesus [add]
03. I Must Tell Jesus [add]
04. Standing in the Need [add]
05. Sinner Man [add]
06. Jesus Will Make a Way [add]
07. We Love You Jesus [add]
08. Jesus Is Real lyrics
09. I'll Serve Him [add]
10. Wash Me (Reprise) [add]

Just Me This Time (1994) 01. Can't Nobody Do Me [add]
02. He Cares [add]
03. I Want to See Your Face [add]
04. I Love You Jesus [add]
05. I'll Praise You [add]
06. Don't Wonder About Him [add]
07. Crazy [add]
08. I Miss You Dad [add]
09. Purge Me Jesus [add]
10. Peace on Earth [add]

Never Shall Forget [live] (1994) 01. Never Shall Forget [add]
02. Sing a New Song [add]
03. He Shall Hide Me [add]
04. He Will Make a Way for You [add]
05. All Things in Jesus [add]
06. Victory in Praise [add]
07. More Love to Thee [add]
08. Call Him Up [add]

Wait on Him (1994) 01. Wait on Him [add]
02. The Anointing [add]
03. Pay Day [add]
04. Remember Me, Lord [add]
05. He Will Never Leave Me Alone [add]
06. It Will Be Alright [add]
07. Glory and Honor [add]
08. The Storm Is Passing Over [add]
09. Oh, How Precious [add]
10. It's Time to Praise the Lord [add]

Show Up! (1995) 01. Show Up! [add]
02. I Shall Do [add]
03. He'll Welcome Me [add]
04. Comfort Me [add]
05. The Lord Is Able [add]
06. I Shall See Him [add]
07. God Has Been So Good [add]
08. Made up Mind [add]
09. Survive [add]
10. Sweeter [add]
11. Be Encouraged [add]
12. I Surrender [add]
13. No Christmas Without You [add]
14. Made up Mind [Skate Mix] [add]

Stand [live] (1995) 01. Jesus, He's My King [add]
02. The Presence of the Lord [add]
03. Stand! [add]
04. Because of Calvary [add]
05. Sho' Nuff [add]
06. It's Time to Praise the Lord [add]
07. Worship Thee [add]
08. When Morning Comes [add]
09. Let Us Praise and Worship Him [add]
10. Bring It to Jesus [add]

Christmas Album (1996) 01. Celebrate [add]
02. The First Noel [add]
03. Silent Night [add]
04. Tell It on the Mountain [add]
05. Christmas Is Jesus Christ [add]
06. Let Us Adore Him [add]
07. No Christmas Without You [add]
08. Special Gift [add]
09. Tell Me a Story [add]
10. Joy to the World [add]
11. O Holy Night [add]
12. Perfect Plan [add]

Thursday Love (1997) 01. Come In [add]
02. Thursday Love [add]
03. I Do Worship [add]
04. Turn Around [add]
05. We Made It [add]
06. Hold Out [add]
07. Hold Your Head Up [add]
08. Thank You Lord [add]
09. Your Everything [add]
10. Mighty God [add]
11. Going Home [add]
12. Clap Your Hands [add]
13. Thursday Love [Skate Mix] [add]
14. I Bow Out [add]

Strength [live] (1997) 01. Introduction/Come In [add]
02. Strength [add]
03. I Do Worship [add]
04. Turn Around [add]
05. We Made It [add]
06. Lord, Help Me to Hold Out [add]
07. Thursday Love [add]
08. Thank You Lord (He Did It All) [add]
09. I'll Be Your Everything [add]
10. Mighty God [add]
11. Going Home [add]
12. Clap Your Hands [add]
13. East Side, West Side [Skate Mix] [add]
14. I Bow Out [add]

Any Day (1998) 01. Any Day [add]
02. Thy Loving Kindness [add]
03. Holy Hands [add]
04. Hold on (God's Unchanging Hand) [add]
05. Abundantly [add]
06. Holy Lamb of God [add]
07. When the Gates [add]
08. Fight Every Battle [add]
09. Carry On [add]
10. When Will We Sing the Same Song? [add]
11. I'm Healed [add]

Not Guilty...The Experience [live] (2000) 01. The Interrogation [add]
02. Right Here [add]
03. I Do Worship [Remix] [add]
04. You Blessed Me [add]
05. Thou Art Worthy [add]
06. Greater [add]
07. Changed Me [add]
08. Grateful [add]
09. I'll Bless Your Name [add]
10. My Healing [add]
11. Peace [add]
12. Sovereign [add]
13. Rhema Word [add]
14. One Phone Call [add]
15. I Believe [add]
16. Simple Song [add]
17. It's Possible [add]
18. Jesus [add]
19. Best Friend [add]
20. Dance [add]
21. Rain on Us [add]
22. Wedding Song [add]
23. Stop Hiding [add]
24. Not Guilty [add]
25. Break Out [add]
26. Not Guilty [Partakrew Mix] [add]
27. What's the Verdict [add]
28. The Exit [add]

Blessed by Association (2002) 01. Elder Rance Allen Intro [add]
02. He's the Greatest [add]
03. It's Time for Worship [add]
04. Me Out [add]
05. I Won't Let Go [add]
06. That's Why I Praise You [add]
07. At the Cross [add]
08. Karamu [add]
09. More Than Anything [add]
10. The Broadcast [add]
11. Just for Me [add]
12. Welcome [add]
13. Breathe on Me [add]
14. Oh How Wondrous [add]
15. I Do Worship (Reprise) [add]
16. You Blessed Me (Reprise) [add]
17. Enough Is Enough [add]
18. I Won't Let Go [Dance Mix] [add]
19. I Am [add]
20. I Won't Let Go (Interlude) [add]
21. Bonus Track [add]

The Color of Music (2004) 01. Praise Power [add]
02. In Your Name [live] [add]
03. Dancin' [add]
04. Sakiya's Song [add]
05. I Fly [add]
06. Music [add]
07. I Can't Live Without You [add]
08. U-Turn [add]
09. Harvest [add]
10. I-C-U [add]
11. One Step [add]
12. Encouraged [add]
13. Right There [add]
14. Never [add]
15. Momma's Choice [instrumental] [add]
16. Partatropolis Mix [add]
17. Power Rock [instrumental] [add]

Lil Rufus and the Melody Train (2005) 01. I Praise [add]
02. Rufus Intro [add]
03. Oh How We Worship [add]
04. Counting Is Fun [add]
05. ABC Praise [add]
06. Lullaby [add]
07. The Barn Song [add]
08. What Are You Gonna Be? [add]
09. The Band Song [add]
10. Take a Bath [add]
11. I'll Be Praying [add]
12. Yo Chris [add]
13. Fear Is Not of God [add]
14. Estare Horando Por Ti/I'll Be Praying [Spanish Version] [add]
15. God's Rainbow [add]
16. Bye, Bye [add]

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