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Linval Thompson lyrics
Genre: Reggae
I Love Marijuana (1978) 01. I Love Marijuana [add]
02. Dread Are the Controller [add]
03. The Children of the Ghetto [add]
04. Don't Push Your Brother [add]
05. Begging for Apology [add]
06. Not Follow Fashion (aka No Follow Fashion) [add]
07. Roots Lady [add]
08. Big Big Girl [add]
09. Just Another Girl [add]
10. Starlight [add]
11. Jamaican Colley [version] [add]

Starlight (1988) 01. Mercy [add]
02. Halla the a Halla [add]
03. Poor Man [add]
04. Starlight [add]
05. Case Up [add]
06. Soon Come [add]
07. Looks Like It Gonna Rain [add]
08. Bragg and Show Off [add]
09. Greedy [add]
10. Huff and Puff [add]

Cool Down (1995) 01. Black Princess Lady [add]
02. Blood Gonna Run [add]
03. Money Money [add]
04. Don't Trouble Trouble [add]
05. Double Trouble Dub [add]
06. Cool Down Your Temper [add]
07. Jah Jah the Conqueror [add]
08. Big Big Girl [add]
09. No Escape [add]
10. Ride on Natty Dread [add]
11. Jezebel Woman [add]
12. Long Long Dreadlocks [add]
13. Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks [add]
14. A King Version [add]

Six Babylon (1995) 01. Six Babylon [Long Version] [add]
02. Don't Give Up [add]
03. School Girl [add]
04. Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread [Special Clock Tower Mix] [add]
05. Give Thanks and Praise [Clock Tower Mix] [add]
06. Mr. Bossman [add]
07. Be Careful My Brother [Long Version] [add]
08. Children Must Be Fed [add]
09. Africa We Want to Go [add]
10. No Confusion, No Tribal War [Long Unedited Version] [add]

Phoenix Dub (2002) 01. Clock Face Dub [add]
02. Back Against the Wall [add]
03. Dub Somebody [add]
04. Wrong Fight Version [add]
05. Hungry Belly Dub [add]
06. Holding on in Dub [add]
07. Dubbing Feet [add]
08. Guide Me in Dub Style [add]
09. Got to Hide Dub [add]
10. Lonely Cry [add]
11. Own Eyes Version [add]
12. Scatter Grain Dub [add]
13. Dubbing to Africa [add]
14. Doing Good in Dub [add]

Dub Story (2002) 01. Get My Dub Together [add]
02. Ethiopian Dub [add]
03. We Need More Dubwise [add]
04. My Dub Princess [add]
05. Dub Cheat [add]
06. A Wicked Dub [add]
07. Dub Conqueror [add]
08. Big Big Dub [add]
09. Suku Maka Dub [add]
10. Runaway Dub [add]
11. Nyah Bingi Dub Call [add]
12. Dub Tribe [add]
13. Cheat Me Outta Dub [add]
14. Dub Temper [add]

Rocking Vibration (2004) 01. Never Push Your Brother [add]
02. Freedom Fighters [add]
03. Rocking Vibration [add]
04. More Power [add]
05. I Got to Have You [add]
06. No Confusion [add]
07. Black Woman [add]
08. Rasta Children [add]
09. Dangerous Position [add]
10. No More Problems [add]
11. Jah Jah a Do It [add]
12. Super Star [add]
13. Just Another Girl [add]
14. Mr Bossman [add]
15. Dont Pust Me Around [add]
16. Give Thanks and Praises [add]
17. Natty Pressure Them [add]

Whip Them King Tubby (2004) 01. Wise Man [add]
02. Tell Me You Love Me [add]
03. Everybody's Got to Be Free [add]
04. I've Got to Reach Home [add]
05. I'm in Love [add]
06. Whe the Wicked [2nd Take] [add]
07. Whip Them King Tubby [add]
08. Tell Me Why [add]
09. Dread on the Go [add]
10. A Wiser [add]
11. Love Me [add]
12. Freedom [add]
13. Homeward Dub [add]
14. Loving [add]
15. Wicked [add]
16. Whipping [add]
17. Telling [add]
18. Version on the Go [add]

Linval Thompson Anthology: Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks (2004) 01. Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks [add]
02. A King Version [add]
03. Jah Jah Is the Conqueror [add]
04. Cool Down Your Temper [add]
05. Long, Long Dread Locks [add]
06. No Escape (Jah Jah Whip Them) [add]
07. Natty Dread Girl [add]
08. Natty Dread Dub [add]
09. Money, Money [add]
10. Ride On (Natty Dreadlocks) [add]
11. Don't Trouble Trouble [add]
12. If I Follow My Heart [add]
13. Thompson Sound Incorporated [add]
14. Danger in Your Eyes [add]
15. Danger Rockers [add]
16. Stay a Little Bit Longer [add]
17. Jumping for Joy [add]
18. Skilful Man [add]
19. Lion and Tiger [add]
20. Seventy Nine Rock [add]
21. Big Oppressor [add]
22. Don't Try to Lose Me (aka You'll Lose a Good Thing) [add]
23. African Free Up [add]
24. Love Is the Question [add]
25. Africa Is for Blackman [add]
26. I Love Jah [add]
27. Wicked Dub [add]
28. I Can't Stand the Pressure [add]
29. You Must Feel It [add]
30. My Woman Is Gone [add]
31. Never Push Your Brother (aka Don't Push Your Brother) [add]
32. Roots Man Dub [add]
33. Dread Are the Controller [add]
34. I Love Marijuana [add]
35. Jamaican Colley Version [add]
36. Children of the Ghetto [add]
37. Begging for an Apology [add]
38. Not Follow Fashion (aka No Follow Fashion) [add]
39. Roots Lady [add]
40. Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread [add]
41. Africa Love Dub [add]
42. Jah Loves Us All [add]
43. Here With Me [add]
44. Pop No Style [add]
45. Baby Mother (aka Have Caution) [add]
46. Look How Me Sexy [add]
47. Hold On [add]

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