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Ras Michael lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Dadawah -- Peace & Love (0197) 01. Run Come Rally [add]
02. Seventy Two Nations [add]
03. Zion Land [add]
04. Know How You Stand [add]

Nyahbinghi (1974) 01. Keep Cool Babylon [add]
02. Rise Jah Jah Children (The Lion Sleeps) lyrics
03. Pretty Little Face [add]
04. Carnal Mind [add]
05. Run Come (Throw Away Your Stoney Heart) [add]
06. Come Down (Pomps & Price) [add]
07. Jah Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
08. Roll River Jordan [add]
09. Cast Them in the Fire [add]
10. Nyah Man Say [add]
11. Rastaman Chant [add]
12. We're Marching Unto Victory [add]

Rastafari (1975) 01. Mr. Brown [add]
02. Birds in the Treetop [add]
03. Truth and Right [add]
04. In Zion [add]
05. None a Jah Jah Children [add]
06. Glory Dawn [add]
07. Give Love [add]
08. It Is No Secret [add]
09. Sufferation [add]

Rastafari Dub (1979) 01. None a Jah Jah Children [add]
02. Truth and Rights [add]
03. In Zion [add]
04. Sufferation [add]
05. Give Love [add]
06. New Name [add]
07. Birds in the Treetop [add]
08. No Happens [add]

Love Thy Neighbour (1984) 01. Don't Sell Daddy No Whiskey [add]
02. Times Is Drawing Nigh [add]
03. Hear River Jordan [add]
04. Wicked Got to Go [add]
05. Little David [add]
06. Perfect Love [add]
07. London Bridge Has Fallen [add]

Ras Michael & Zion Train (1984) 01. Jealous [add]
02. Youthman Sufferer [add]
03. I & I Praise Rastafari [add]
04. Nazareth Dub [add]
05. Something Good [add]
06. Rasta Time [add]
07. Fool's Gold [add]
08. King of Kings [add]

Rally Round (1985) 01. New Name [add]
02. Numbered Days [add]
03. Children on the Mountaintop [add]
04. The Hour [add]
05. Ethiopian Anthem [add]
06. Int'l Year of the Child [add]
07. Wicked Man [add]
08. Hosanna [add]
09. Sip Your Cup [add]
10. Jah Jah Power Shall Endure [add]

Know Now (1990) 01. Jah Giveth Life [add]
02. Marriage in Canaan [add]
03. Rastaman Give Thanks and Praise [add]
04. I'm a Man Just Like You [add]
05. War Mongers [add]
06. Sister Lilac [add]
07. Born in the Ghetto [add]
08. He Is Risen [add]

New Name (1994) 01. New Name [add]
02. Birds in the Tree Tops [add]
03. No Hoppers [add]
04. Babylon [add]
05. Boom a Yeah [add]
06. Mr. Wicked Man [add]
07. Zion Land [add]
08. If You Only Knew [add]
09. George's Lane [add]
10. No Hoppers Version [add]
11. New Name Version [add]
12. Truth and Rigths [add]
13. Volunteer Ethiopians [add]

Kibir Am Lak (Glory to God) (1994) 01. New Name [add]
02. Wicked Men [add]
03. No Hoppers [add]
04. Zion Land [add]
05. If You Only Knew [add]
06. Babylon (Super Bomb) [add]
07. Booma Yeah [add]
08. Over the Mountain [add]

Rastafari Plus Dub (1995) 01. Give Love [add]
02. Give Love [Dub Version] [add]
03. Sufferation [add]
04. Sufferation [Dub Version] [add]
05. In Zion [add]
06. In Zion [add]
07. None a Jah Jah Children [add]
08. None a Jah Jah Children [Dub Version] [add]
09. Truth and Rights [add]
10. Truth and Rights [Dub Version] [add]
11. Mr. Brown [add]
12. Glory Down [add]
13. It Is No Secret [add]

Spiritual Roots (1999) 01. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
02. This Train [add]
03. Shine [add]
04. Jah Jah Rainbow Sign [add]
05. Gathering Time [add]
06. No Sin Cannot Enter Zion [add]
07. Fire [add]
08. Fisher of Man [add]
09. Volunteer Ethiopians [add]
10. Amazing Grace [add]
11. Some Sweet Day [add]
12. Key Man [add]

Lion Country (1999) 01. Ethiopian Anthem [add]
02. Fly Away [add]
03. Lion Country [add]
04. Jah Is My Light [add]
05. Rainbow [add]
06. Positive Vibrations [add]
07. Rollin' Drums [add]
08. Sunshine [add]
09. Vsioning [add]
10. Sitting In [add]
11. Children of the Universe [add]

A Weh Dem a Go Do Wit It (2003) 01. Nyabinghi Medley: Rastaman Chant/Dry Bone/Jah Ark Is Movering [add]
02. Haile Selassie Is the Chapel [add]
03. All Things Bright & Beautiful [add]
04. Sweet Jamaica (Rainbow People) [add]
05. Jamaican History [version] [add]
06. Music History [version] [add]
07. Sweet Jamaica Dub [add]
08. No Smoke Without Fire [add]
09. No Smoke Without Fire [dub] [add]
10. A Weh Dem a Go Do Wid It? [add]
11. A Weh Dem... [dub] [add]
12. Cry Moon [add]
13. Cry Moon [dub] [add]

Merry Peasant (2004) 01. Education [add]
02. None Jah Children - Instrumental [add]
03. Raised in the Ghetto [add]
04. Why You Keep On [add]
05. Umbaya [add]
06. Merry Peasant [add]
07. Nyahbinghi [add]
08. Rasta Man Give Thanks [add]
09. Wadada - Instrumental [add]
10. Love, Love [add]

Kibir-Am-Lak (2005) 01. New Name [add]
02. Wicked Men [add]
03. No-Hoppers [add]
04. Zion Land [add]
05. If They Only Knew [add]
06. Babylon [add]
07. Booma Yeah [add]
08. Over the Mountain [add]

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