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Max Romeo lyrics
Genre: Reggae
A Dream (1969) 01. Wet Dream lyrics
02. A No Fe Piccn'y [add]
03. Far Far Away [add]
04. The Horn [add]
05. Hear My Plea [add]
06. Love [add]
07. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love [add]
08. Wood Under Cellar [add]
09. Whine Her Goosie [add]
10. Club Raid [add]
11. You Can't Stop Me [add]

Let the Power Fall (1972) 01. Let the Power Fall [add]
02. Batchelor Boy [add]
03. Cracklin' Rosie [add]
04. Chatter Box [add]
05. Missing You [add]
06. Puppet on a String [add]
07. My Special Prayer [add]
08. Fowl Thief [add]
09. Holla Zion [add]
10. Macabee Version [add]

Revelation Time (1975) 01. Revelation Time lyrics
02. No Peace [add]
03. Tacko lyrics
04. Blood of the Prophet lyrics
05. Blood of the Prophet, Pt. 2 [add]
06. Warning, Warning [add]
07. A Quarter Pound of I'cense [add]
08. Three Blind Mice lyrics
09. Open the Iron Gate [add]
10. Open the Iron Gate, Pt. 2 [add]

War Ina Babylon (1976) 01. One Step Forward lyrics
02. Uptown Babies Don't Cry [add]
03. I Chase the Devil [add]
04. War Ina Babylon lyrics
05. Norman [add]
06. Stealing in the Name of Jah [add]
07. Tan and See [add]
08. Smokey Room lyrics
09. Smile Out of Style lyrics

Open the Iron Gate (1978) 01. Open the Iron Gate [add]
02. No Peace [add]
03. Tacko lyrics
04. Blood of the Prophet lyrics
05. Warning Warning lyrics
06. Quarter Pound of l'Cense lyrics
07. Three Blind Mice lyrics
08. Revelation Time lyrics

Fari Captain of My Ship (1988) 01. No Man Is Perfect [add]
02. Smiling Faces [add]
03. Fari Captain of My Ship [add]
04. Praise Him [add]
05. One Road [add]
06. Don't Try [add]
07. Rich Peole [add]
08. Kumbia [add]
09. Melt Away [add]
10. Suffering [add]
11. Rome [add]

Our Rights (1988) 01. God Created Man [add]
02. Numberless [add]
03. From Creation [add]
04. Him Manner of Man [add]
05. Woe Be Unto Them [add]
06. Jah Love [add]
07. African Woman [add]
08. Great Day [add]
09. Our Rights [add]
10. Freedom [add]

McCabee Version (1995) 01. Let the Power Fall on I lyrics
02. Holla Zion [add]
03. Chi Chi Bud [add]
04. Wet Dream lyrics
05. McCabee Version [add]
06. Every Man Ought to Know [add]
07. Three Blind Mice lyrics
08. Two Face People [add]
09. Rent Crisis [add]
10. Man in Your Life [add]
11. Shame and Scandal [add]
12. I Woke up in Love [add]
13. Just Out of Reach [add]
14. Stick by Me [add]
15. Mr. Chatterbox [add]
16. Mr. TV Mann [add]
17. My Heart Is Gone [add]
18. Since I Met You Baby [add]
19. On the Beach [add]
20. Before the Next Teardrop Falls [add]

Love Message (1999) 01. War Ina Babylon lyrics
02. Jesse Black Stone [add]
03. In Love With Geneni [add]
04. Holding Out My Love [add]
05. Coke Nuh Good [add]
06. Love Message [add]
07. Strsight to the Heart [add]
08. How Am I Suppose to Love You [add]
09. One Style Jockey [add]
10. Pledging My Love [add]

Something is Wrong (1999) 01. Bombs and Guns [add]
02. The Bucket Bottom [add]
03. Hotel California [add]
04. Babylon a Fraud [War Inna Babylon Remix] [add]
05. Tribute to Martin Luther King [add]
06. Drive Them Away [add]
07. Wake up My Brethren [add]
08. Where Is Love [add]
09. Let Break the Hold [add]
10. They Don't Know [add]
11. Something Is Wrong [add]

On the Beach (2001) 01. Nothing Takes the Place of You [add]
02. Party Night [add]
03. I'm Still Waiting [add]
04. Since I Met You Baby [add]
05. Lost Love [add]
06. My Heart Is Gone [add]
07. On the Beach [add]
08. That Lucky Old Sun [add]
09. What Am I Living For [add]
10. My Secret Love [add]
11. Set Me Free [add]
12. The Ten Commandments [add]
13. Israelites [add]
14. Before the Next Tear Drops [add]

Holy Zion (2003) 01. Let the Power Fall [add]
02. Bachelor Boy [add]
03. My Dickie [add]
04. Cracklin' Rosie [add]
05. Wet Dream lyrics
06. Chatter Box [add]
07. Missing You [add]
08. Puppet on a String [add]
09. My Special Prayer [add]
10. Fowl Thief [add]
11. Holla Zion [add]
12. Maccabee Version [add]
13. Before the Next Teardrop Falls [add]
14. On the Beach [add]
15. Nice Time [add]
16. Thank You Lord [add]
17. Nothing Takes the Place of You [add]
18. Since I Meet You [add]

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