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Mick Flavin lyrics
Genre: Country
Sweet Memory (1993) 01. All I Can Be [add]
02. If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong [add]
03. Gonna Have Love [add]
04. What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her [add]
05. Way Down Deep [add]
06. I Took a Memory to Lunch [add]
07. The Old School Yard [add]
08. She's My Rose [add]
09. Haven't You Heard [add]
10. The Wine Flowed Freely [add]
11. Lady Jane [add]
12. The Hills of Tyrone [add]

Lights of Home (1993) 01. Someday You'll Love Me [add]
02. I See an Angel Everyday [add]
03. On the Wings of Love [add]
04. It Started All Over Again [add]
05. For a Minute There [add]
06. One of These Days [add]
07. I Never Loved You More [add]
08. The Little Things in Life [add]
09. The Lights of Home [add]
10. Connemara Rose [add]
11. The Keeper of My Heart [add]
12. You Done Something Wrong [add]
13. Old Home in Mayo [add]
14. The Table in the Corner [add]
15. The Little Mountain Church House [add]
16. Longford on My Mind [add]

Echoes of My Mind (1994) 01. Echoes of Your Mind [add]
02. You're the Reason [add]
03. Walk Sofly on the Bridges [add]
04. Love Bug [add]
05. I Wish It Was That Easy Going Home [add]
06. The County of Fermanagh [add]
07. Can You Feel It [add]
08. Yours to Hurt Tomorrow [add]
09. Life's Too Short [add]
10. The Grand Tour [add]
11. Dreams of Donegal [add]
12. If You Remember Me [add]
13. Maria's Heading out to California [add]
14. Take Me Back to Mayo [add]

Country All the Way (1998) 01. California Okie [add]
02. She's Got a Way (Of Makin' Me Forget) [add]
03. The Writing on the Wall [add]
04. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) [add]
05. Cotton Jenny [add]
06. The Family Tree [add]
07. In My Father's House [add]
08. Flowers in the Snow [add]
09. I Met a Friend of Yours Today [add]
10. What We Love to Do [add]
11. Lovin' Understanding Man [add]
12. I Sleep Just Like a Baby [add]
13. The Old Man on the Porch [add]
14. You Beat All I've Ever Seen [add]
15. I Won't Be in Atlanta Anymore [add]

Travellin' Light (1998) 01. Jennifer Johnson and Me [add]
02. The Old Side of Town [add]
03. A Blue Blue Day [add]
04. Roads and Other Reasons [add]
05. Travellin' Light [add]
06. The Hard Times Lovin' Can Bring [add]
07. You Sure Make Cheatin' Seem Easy [add]
08. The Rarest Flowers [add]
09. Where Have All the Lovers Gone [add]
10. The Girl from Wexford Town [add]
11. What God Has Joined Together [add]
12. I'll Be There Mary Dear [add]
13. There Is No Other Way [add]
14. Home to Donegal [add]

Irish Giants of Country (1999) 01. Jennifer Johnson and Me [add]
02. Travellin' Light [add]
03. If You Remember Me [add]
04. The Old School Yard [add]
05. Lady Jane [add]
06. On the Wings of Love [add]
07. The Rarest Flowers [add]
08. You're the Reason [add]
09. A Blue Blue Day [add]
10. Old Home in Mayo [add]
11. You Done Me Wrong [add]
12. Love Bug [add]
13. Way Down Deep [add]
14. Home to Donegal [add]

Country Highways (1999) 01. I Hadn't Counted on You [add]
02. Sweet Mary and the Miles [add]
03. You're Gonna Wonder About Me [add]
04. Crossroads of Life [add]
05. All of My Life [add]
06. She's Not an Angel [add]
07. Just Pretending [add]
08. Beautiful Bouquet [add]
09. My Old Granard Home [add]
10. Highway of Life [add]
11. We've Got Something Going [add]
12. Homestead in Mayo [add]
13. For the Love of the Song [add]
14. Dance with Me [add]

Live in Concert (2000) 01. Break Her Heart or Mine [add]
02. The Rarest Flowers [add]
03. The Old Side of Town [add]
04. Jennifer Johnson and Me [add]
05. The County of Mayo [add]
06. Streets of Bakersfield [add]
07. Travellin' Light [add]
08. Cold Grey Ashes [add]
09. Carrickfergus [add]
10. Wild Flower [add]
11. The Girl from Wexford Town [add]
12. Medley [add]
13. They'll Never Take Her Love Away from Me [add]
14. Working Woman [add]
15. Medley [add]
16. Home to Donegal [add]
17. Going Home Again [add]

Try It You'll Like It (2004) 01. Try It, You'll Like It [add]
02. When the Grass Grows Over Me [add]
03. Connemara Home [add]
04. Lifetime Guarantee [add]
05. Forgiving You [add]
06. Good Time for Goodbye [add]
07. Maggie McCloud [add]
08. Memory Kicking In [add]
09. The Miner [add]
10. Forever with You [add]
11. Down the Isle [add]
12. When God Comes to Gather His Jewels [add]
13. Wise Old World [add]
14. World Made a Man out of Me [add]

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