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Bunnies & Doggies lyrics
Genre: Children's
Sing-A-Long Music (2006) 01. I'm a Little Bunny [add]
02. Softest in the World [add]
03. Softest Bunny [add]
04. I Like the Juices [add]
05. Why Do I Have a Bunny Butt? [add]
06. Why Do I Have a Dog Butt? [add]
07. Yes, I Love You [add]
08. Yes, I Am, Boo, Boo [add]
09. In the Whole Bunny World [add]
10. He's My Little [add]
11. No One Tells Me Anything [add]
12. I Got a Bunny Butt [add]
13. Yes, Oh, Yes, I Am [add]
14. Awful, Sugar Sweet [add]
15. Thank You [add]
16. A Bunny Carrot [add]
17. I'm So Precious [add]
18. Look at Me [add]
19. Pretty Doggie [add]
20. Don't Know Why [add]
21. Happy, Little Bunny [add]
22. That Is What I Am [add]
23. Come on out Little Girl [add]
24. Most Precious [add]
25. Just a Minute [add]
26. Sleepy-Time Bunny [add]
27. Boo, Boo Bunny [add]
28. Sweet, Bunny Boy [add]
29. No Need [add]
30. Why I Am a Bunny [add]
31. I Don't Know Why [add]
32. Do You Know Why? [add]
33. Good Bunny [add]
34. A Baby Bunny [add]
35. No One Tells Me [add]
36. I Do Love You [add]
37. Nothing More Beautiful [add]
38. That Is My Bunny [add]
39. Pretty Bunny [add]
40. Bunny in the World [add]
41. Sweet, Little Bunny [add]
42. I'm So Beautiful [add]
43. A Bunny Rabbit [add]
44. Soft and Sweet [add]
45. Two, Little Bunnies [add]
46. Carrot All [add]
47. Be My Bunny Friend [add]
48. Why I'm Furry [add]
49. Kissy You [add]
50. Why Am I a Bunny? [add]

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