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Alexander Zonjic lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Classical Album (0000) 01. Sonata No. 5 in a Major: The Spinning Wheel [add]
02. Quartet in D Major: Night Song (Adagio) [add]
03. G Major Sonata: Lively Dance [add]
04. Work(s): Unspecified Sonata in F Major Arr. For 2 Flutes & ... [add]
05. Sonata No. 5 in E Minor: Romantic Air [add]
06. Concerto in D Major for Two Flutes and Strings [add]
07. Concerto in D Major for Two Flutes and Strings [add]
08. Concerto in D Major for Two Flutes and Strings [add]

Elegant Evening (1985) 01. Angel of the the Night [add]
02. (There Are) Many Stop Along the Way [add]
03. Bellavia [add]
04. Adagio [add]
05. West End Dancer [add]
06. Elegant Evening [add]
07. Modaji [add]
08. Gymnopedie No. 1 [add]

Neon (1986) 01. N'Est Ce Pas [add]
02. Heaven Must Have Sent You [add]
03. Procession [add]
04. Hi-Falutin [add]
05. Neon [add]
06. Can We Find Love Again [add]
07. Song for the Oceans [add]
08. Lay Me Down [add]

When Is It Real? (1987) 01. When Is It Real [add]
02. Do That Again [add]
03. Sittin' in It [add]
04. Siciliano [add]
05. Only Love [add]
06. Waiting for Godo [add]
07. Chicago Encounter [add]

Romance with You (1989) 01. Sound Check [add]
02. Song for Kinyatta [add]
03. Shawnee [add]
04. Altos de Chavon [add]
05. Romance With You [add]
06. Siclienne [add]
07. Serenade [add]

Passion (1993) 01. Angel of the Night [add]
02. Oblivión [add]
03. People Get Ready [add]
04. Progress [add]
05. Memphis Underground [add]
06. Passion (Tadzio) [add]
07. Cantilena [add]
08. Look It up (A Smile for Kyle) [add]

Reach for the Sky (2001) 01. This Is the Day [add]
02. Far Away [add]
03. It's Too Late [add]
04. Angela [add]
05. I Just Wanna Stop [add]
06. Bellavia [add]
07. A Hard Day's Night [add]
08. Reach for the Sky [add]
09. Swinging Shepherd Blues [add]
10. Amazing Grace [add]

Seldom Blues (2004) 01. Leave It With Me [add]
02. Seldom Blue [add]
03. Az Does It [add]
04. Isabela [add]
05. People Make the World Go Round [add]
06. Spill the Wine [add]
07. Sweat [add]
08. Under the Moon and Over the Sky [add]
09. Quantum [add]
10. Britters [add]

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