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Inverse Room lyrics
Genre: Rock
Simulacrum (2002) 01. The Golden Shred [add]
02. Ivy Home [add]
03. Something Is About to Happen [add]
04. The Lions of Canarsie [add]
05. You Never Hear the One That Hits You [add]
06. Liberty Village [add]
07. Towns Like These [add]
08. Cavemen [add]
09. Lake Effect [add]
10. All Day Long and All Through the Night [add]
11. Taxi [add]
12. My Beautiful Saloon [add]
13. Paper Chain [add]
14. Dirty Wedding [add]
15. At the Dump [add]

Pieces for the Left Hand: 100 Songs (2005) 01. Sunspots [add]
02. My Alter Ego [add]
03. Ibuprofen [add]
04. I Miss Missing You [add]
05. Power Supply [add]
06. Optometrist [add]
07. Terrible Daydream [add]
08. Rattrap! [add]
09. Ropena Loche [add]
10. Theme from Be Quiet and Eat Your Lunch [add]
11. Who Cried When Scriabin Died? [add]
12. Political Song for Barney to Sing [add]
13. Daddy Was a Street Corner [add]
14. Look Busy [add]
15. I Made It on Time [add]
16. The Ape-Man of Bad Tidings [add]
17. Syberia [add]
18. Framed [add]
19. I'll Drive [add]
20. How to Rob [add]
21. Straight Outta Cardiff [add]
22. I Must Have This Cab [add]
23. The Answer Is Here [add]
24. The Dubious Mole [add]
25. Drinking on the Job [add]
26. Atomic Boy Theme [add]
27. Three Dreams [add]
28. Mystery Thread [add]
29. Don't Be a Jerk [add]
30. Pizza Time [add]
31. Fat Man Shuffle [add]
32. Hello Moonlight [add]
33. Grudge Match [add]
34. Workin' on Spec [add]
35. The Bomb in Buddha's Lap [add]
36. Pieces of Eight [add]
37. Soldier, Mason, Cajun [add]
38. Friendless Dave [add]
39. Kill! Kill! Kill! [add]
40. Set the Controls for the Heart of Denver [add]
41. Orange Cream Pop [add]
42. Volvo Repairman [add]
43. Return [add]
44. Something Very Minor [add]
45. The Legend of the Spirit of the Ghost of the Madman's Brain [add]
46. Mister Mockbee [add]
47. Nobody [add]
48. I Said Hi [add]
49. Pearl Jam Cover Band [add]
50. Accidental Fabulousness [add]

American Recluse (2007) 01. Sunday Skin [add]
02. Autumn Leaf [add]
03. A Hoarse Goodbye [add]
04. The Well [add]
05. The Dead Will Inherit the Earth [add]
06. Sortacide [add]
07. I Wouldn't Die [add]
08. Song of Wandering Junior [add]
09. Frost on the Ceiling [add]
10. I'm Your Little Raincloud [add]
11. Turn Your Phantom On [add]
12. Hail, Demetia! [add]
13. You Can Hide from the Truth [add]
14. In Tennessee [add]

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