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Markus Reuter lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Digitalis (2001) 01. Swallowed Cold [add]
02. Toward the Invisible World [add]
03. Forces Tending to Unbalance [add]
04. Into the Invisible World [add]
05. The Invisible World [add]
06. A Massive Glowing Three-Axis Cross [add]
07. Demonic Interference [add]
08. Radiating Blackness [add]
09. Angelic Interference [add]
10. Beyond the Limit of the Fire [add]
11. Whole [add]
12. Holy [add]

Pure (2004) 01. Presence [add]
02. History [add]
03. This Life [add]
04. Glisten [add]
05. Immersion [add]
06. Clearing [add]
07. The Source [add]
08. The Level [add]
09. Breathe [add]
10. Fragments [add]
11. Pure [add]

The Longest in Terms of Being (2005) 01. The Abolition of Death [add]
02. A Clue to Reality [add]
03. Read Aloud in Cold Blood [add]
04. Further Clues to Reality [add]
05. Demonstration With the Enemy [add]
06. Confirmation [add]
07. The Fear of Final Falling [add]
08. The Increase of Faith [add]
09. Angels to Burn [add]
10. Hold [add]

Trepanation (2006) 01. First Accumulation: The Key to Conscience [add]
02. First Division: Preparation [add]
03. First Division: 3-4 Days Before the Echo [add]
04. First Division: No Part of Me Could Summon a Voice [add]
05. First Division: A Prospect That Is Simple [add]
06. Second Accumulation: Beat [add]
07. Second Division: Oneness to Deceive [add]
08. Third Accumulation: Number of the Mind [add]

Eleven Questions (2007) 01. Reminder [add]
02. Reductive [add]
03. Recall [add]
04. Retention [add]
05. Remote [add]
06. Reluctant [add]
07. Redemption [add]
08. Relative [add]
09. Reception [add]
10. Refuge [add]
11. 0Refuse [add]
12. Rebirth [add]
13. Remainder [add]

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