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Tourettes Without Regrets lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Empire Strikes Wack (2005) 01. The Empire Strikes Wack [add]
02. Yo Momma vs. Tigga the Rock [add]
03. Louie: My Balls Are Metal [add]
04. Orukusaki vs. Kasim [add]
05. Infinite vs. Kodyack [add]
06. D Silence: The Nice Thing About Tweekers [add]
07. Kid Beyond: Wandering Star [add]
08. George W. Vs. Malcom XXX` [add]
09. George W. Vs. Dahlak [add]
10. Satan: Wheelchair Girl [add]
11. Tigga the Rock vs. Illogic [add]
12. DL vs. Kasim [add]
13. Infinite vs. Orukusaki [add]
14. USA: Word of Mouth [add]
15. The Swallow Your Pride Contest [add]
16. Enzyme vs. Young Nate [add]
17. The Three Man Bout [add]
18. Locksmith vs. Brent [add]
19. Birthday Girl: Abortion Clinics [add]
20. Dahlak vs. Infinite [add]
21. Cockroach vs. Vic [add]
22. Kodyack vs. Cockroach [add]
23. Sex Doll [add]
24. The Mighty Mike Mcgee vs. Charles Ellik [add]
25. Enzyme vs. Infinite [add]
26. Tigga the Rock vs. Jay Likewise [add]
27. Dahlak vs. The King of Concord [add]
28. Charles Ellik: Do Not Ask [add]
29. The Penis Envy Drinking Contest [add]
30. Put It in My Mouth: Emily Kagan and Amy White [add]
31. USA: Teabag [add]
32. Locksmith's Mojo [add]
33. Asher's Mojo [add]
34. Bucky Sinister: Frozen Otter Pop [add]
35. Franco vs. Kodyack [add]
36. Orukusaki vs. Asher [add]
37. Thesauras vs. Jay Likewise [add]
38. The Mighty Mike Mcgee [add]
39. Infinite vs. Franco [add]
40. Orukusaki vs. Locksmith [add]
41. The 9 Year Old Zoe [add]
42. The Power of Satan [add]
43. Sam P: What an Asshole [add]
44. What I Said After I Was Kidnapped in Oakland [add]

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