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Odds Bodkin lyrics
Genre: Children's
The Adventures of Little Proto (2005) 01. Magnolia Island [add]
02. Song: So Far So Good [add]
03. Old Broken Horn [add]
04. The Falling Bolide [add]
05. Song: I Am and Old Dino [add]
06. A New Name [add]
07. Plessy and Ankles [add]
08. Song: Listening for the Life [add]
09. Ankles Idea [add]
10. Velociraptors [add]
11. Escape from Magnolia Island [add]
12. The Great Celebration [add]
13. Song: Silver Lining [add]

Little Proto and the Volcano's Fire (2005) 01. Proto’s World [add]
02. Song: The Warm Weather’s Here [add]
03. The Proud Victorious Destroyed [add]
04. Song: Useless [add]
05. Suringa Awakens [add]
06. Song: You Better Run [add]
07. Ankles Disappears [add]
08. Old Wrinkles’ Memory [add]
09. Forest of the Others [add]
10. Unexpected Arrivals [add]
11. King Geoffrey’s Fire Line [add]
12. Run for Your Life [add]
13. All's Well [add]
14. Song: Who We Are [add]

Little Proto's T-Rex Adventure (2005) 01. Proto's World [add]
02. Song: Look Around [add]
03. King Geoffrey the One Eye [add]
04. Song: You'll Never Know [add]
05. Lost and Alone [add]
06. Proto Meets Bump [add]
07. Song: The Vanished One Horned King [add]
08. Star of Protection [add]
09. Song: Goin' Home [add]

The Odyssey-An Epic Telling (2007) 01. Belly of the Horse [add]
02. Fateful Decision [add]
03. Maron's Brandy [add]
04. Arrows of Surprise [add]
05. Storm Winds [add]
06. Lotus Eaters [add]
07. Isle of Goats [add]
08. Cave of the Cyclops [add]
09. Escape [add]
10. Aeolia [add]
11. The Bag of Winds [add]
12. Bay of the Cannibals [add]
13. Circe's Isle [add]
14. Men to Swine [add]
15. The Aid of Hermes [add]
16. Circe's Friendship [add]
17. Land of the Dead [add]
18. Circe's Warnings [add]
19. The Sirens [add]
20. Between Scylla and Charybdis [add]
21. Joy on Thrinakia [add]
22. Cattle of the Sun [add]
23. Helios' Vengeance [add]
24. Return to the Whirlpool [add]
25. Alone [add]
26. Calypso [add]
27. Events on Ithaca [add]
28. Athena's Complaint [add]
29. Homeward Bound [add]
30. Isle of the Phaecians [add]
31. Nausicaa's Dream [add]
32. Stranger at the Willow [add]
33. Magic Ship Homeward [add]
34. Shores of Ithaca [add]
35. The Swineherd's Hut [add]
36. Ruffians in the Hall [add]
37. Father and Son [add]
38. Intrigue and Reunions [add]
39. Penelope's Gamble [add]
40. Test of the Bow [add]
41. Battle in the Hall [add]
42. Homecoming [add]

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