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Brother Russell lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Brother Russell's Radio Jihad (Phone Pranks) (1996) 01. Turn Your Radio On [add]
02. Porn Again Christians [add]
03. The King James [add]
04. Catholicism Is Exploding [add]
05. Trouble With the Feds [add]
06. Noisy Neighbors [add]
07. Famous Communists [add]
08. Monkeying Around [add]
09. A Really Close Shave [add]
10. Phone Calls from the Dead [add]
11. Jews and Queers [add]
12. Airline Fuel [add]
13. Redneck Radio [add]
14. Sheema la Kamoda [add]
15. Charismatic Chiropractic [add]
16. Solomon's Curse [add]
17. This Is Not Voodoo [add]
18. The Last Laugh Closing Prayer [add]

Melba Comes Alive (1997) 01. When You Get to Hell [add]
02. Choked up About Jesus [add]
03. Biblical Science [add]
04. What Teens Need [add]
05. Alive and Well [add]
06. Rowdy the Christian Trucker [add]
07. Melba Vs. Gay Day [add]
08. Play Ball [add]
09. I'm Being Raptured [add]
10. Gimme the Blood [add]
11. Melba Comes Alive [add]
12. Down on All Fours [add]
13. All My Friends Are Dead [add]
14. Porn-Again Kristian Video [add]
15. Jesse's Curse [add]
16. "... And a Bonus Track for the King" [add]

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