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Bob McQuillen lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Hand It Down (2003) 01. Father Charlie's/Frankie's Tune [add]
02. Tony's Quadrille/Priscilla's Jig [add]
03. Anne's Waltz [add]
04. John Krumm's Hornpipe/Tolman's Reel [add]
05. Rappaport's Jig/Dick Nevell's Jig [add]
06. Bannerman's Quadrillle/Mike's March [add]
07. Argo's Reel/Tracey Sherry's Reel [add]
08. Lydia's Waltz [add]
09. Kathy's Jig/Lilac Lady [add]
10. Dale's Hornpipe/Segal's Flight/Corey's Reel [add]
11. Brynne Marie [add]
12. Roger's Reel/Culhane's Hornpipe [add]
13. Lia's Jig/Hank's Mother/It's C-C-Cold Out! [add]
14. Olde Tyme Quadrille/J. B. Milne [add]
15. Sandy's Waltz/Cathie's Waltz [add]

Old New England (2006) 01. Scotty O'Neil/Jane's March/The Isle of Mull [add]
02. Bill's Reel/Ice Cream Hornpipe/Altan's Reel [add]
03. Melissa's Waltz/April Lee's Waltz [add]
04. Derek's Jig/Bertha's Jig/Black Friday [add]
05. Happy Acres Two-Step and Murphy's Polka/Jonny Rhino's Polka [add]
06. Kanaly's Hornpipe/Trafalgar Hornpipe/Herrin'brook [add]
07. Ms. Hathaway's Jig/Guy Walks into a Bar/Amelia's Jig [add]
08. Visit to Sandy/John Simon McDonald/Good for the Tongue [add]
09. Jane's Hambo/Sophie's Hambo/Tobugubben [add]
10. The Conore Men's Bramble/Brick-Layers Hornpipe/Cincinnati Horn [add]
11. The Kitchen/The Chicago Reel [add]
12. Eugene O'Donnell [add]
13. President Clinton's Hornpipe/High C'S/Kiss the Cook/President [add]
14. Jack and Connie's Jig/Cat in the Hopper/Planxty Denis O'Conor [add]
15. Vampire Reel/Yerow's Reel/Bob with the One Horn [add]
16. Heavens to Betsy/Tea with Debra/Mary Elder's Jig [add]
17. Francis' Hornpipe/Russell's Reel/Sandy Silva's [add]
18. The JB-JB Waltz/Amelia/Nancy's Waltz/Linda's Waltz a to Z Wal [add]

Farewell to the Hollow (2006) 01. Teetotaler's/Green Fields of America/Swinging' on a Gate [add]
02. Broken Sword/The Bobby O/I Lost My Love/Scatter the Mud [add]
03. Hannah Towle [add]
04. April's/Pete's/Deanna's Marches [add]
05. Another Margaret's Waltz/Pompelia/O'donnel's Waltz [add]
06. Fireman's/Palermo/Peace River Breakdown [add]
07. Pete and April's Waltz [add]
08. Alouette's/Amelia [add]
09. Ludger Laforte/Trip to Durrow/The Wise Mail [add]
10. Year End Two Step/O'donnel Abhu [add]
11. Bob's Own/Jimma's/Money in Both Pockets [add]
12. Mount Cashel's Brigade/Snowy Breasted Pearl/Bonnie Charlie [add]
13. Farewell to the Hollow [add]
14. Great Memories [add]

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