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Don Bowman lyrics
Genre: Country
Our Man in Trouble (1964) 01. Wildwood Weed [add]
02. Breakfast Food Song [add]
03. That'll Never Sell Records [add]
04. Hollywood Clothes [add]
05. Anytime [add]
06. Wrong House [add]
07. 500 Miles the Wrong Way [add]
08. Chet Akins Make Me a Star [add]
09. I Don't Hurt You Anymore [add]
10. I Never Did Finish That Song [add]
11. Just Because [add]
12. Red River Sally [add]

Fresh from the Funny Farm (1965) 01. Letter to Ellie Mae [add]
02. Last of the Bad Dates [add]
03. Roy Raisin [add]
04. Brooklyn Bridge [add]
05. Coward at the Alamo [add]
06. I Fell Out of Love With Love [add]
07. Guess This Must Be Love [add]
08. King Kong [add]
09. Graduation Day [add]
10. Wish I'd Stayed in Bed [add]
11. Plastered [add]
12. World's Worst Guitar Picker [add]

Funny Way to Make an Album (1966) 01. Dear Harlan Howard [add]
02. Other Ringo [add]
03. I Get the Feeling We're Through [add]
04. Dear Sister [add]
05. That's Show Biz [add]
06. Little Diesel Drivin' Devil [add]
07. Things Are Looking Up [add]
08. More Than Me [add]
09. Kansas City Star [add]
10. Freddy Fur Toes [add]
11. Boll Weevil Air Lines [add]
12. Freda on the Freeway [add]

From Mexico with Laughs Featuring the Tijuana Drum and Bugle Corps (1967) 01. Tijuana Drum and Bugle Corps [add]
02. El Matador [add]
03. County Agent Report [add]
04. Tour of Tijuana [add]
05. Have Bull Will Book [add]
06. Mexican Horns Mexican Corn [add]
07. Anita You're Kidding [add]
08. Bully for You Surfin' Senorita [add]
09. Spanish Weed [add]
10. Tijuana Cab Driver [add]
11. Tijuana Taxi [add]

Don Bowman Recorded Almost Live (1967) 01. Jimminie Cricket [add]
02. I Wouldn't Do It [add]
03. She Thinks I Don't Care [add]
04. What Kind of Fool Am I [add]
05. I Can't Get Over You [add]
06. All American Boy [add]
07. Surely Not [add]
08. What Else You Got [add]
09. Let's You and Him Fight [add]
10. I'll Never Get Over Gettin' Over You [add]
11. How Come It Is [add]
12. John's Back in Town [add]

Funny Folk Flops (1968) 01. Greensleeves [add]
02. Crawdad Song [add]
03. Under Tremendous Amount of Pressure lyrics
04. Worried Man [add]
05. All My Trial [add]
06. Dealyer's Stoned [add]
07. San Francisco Scene [add]
08. In the Pine Trees [add]
09. Messin' Up My Mind [add]
10. House of the Setting Sun [add]
11. Tom Dooley Baby [add]
12. Streets of San Francisco [add]

Still Fighting Mental Health (1979) 01. East Virginia Blues [add]
02. Coward at the Alamo [Bleeped Version] [add]
03. Hot Blooded Woman [add]
04. Hello D.J. [Bleeped Version] [add]
05. Willon and Waylee [add]
06. Dear Fred [add]
07. Coin Machine Song [add]
08. Power Tool Song [add]
09. Coward at the Alamo [Un Beeped Version] [add]
10. Hello D.J. [Un Beeped Version] [add]

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