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Bill Morrissey lyrics
Genre: Folk
Bill Morrissey (1984) 01. Barstow [add]
02. Small Town on the River [add]
03. Darlin' Lisa [add]
04. Oil Money [add]
05. Morrissey Falls in Love at First Sight [add]
06. Texas Blues [add]
07. My Baby and Me [add]
08. The Packard Company [add]
09. A Problem With Logic [add]
10. Run You Through the Mill [add]
11. Grizzly Bear [add]
12. Rosie [add]
13. Live Free or Die [add]
14. Little Bit of Whiskey [add]
15. Amnesia [add]

North (1986) 01. Pantherville [add]
02. It's Dangerous Out There [add]
03. Night Shift [add]
04. Married Man [add]
05. Ice Fishing [add]
06. My Old Town [add]
07. North [add]
08. She Moved Through the Fair [add]
09. He Drinks Alone [add]
10. Snow Outside the Mill [add]
11. Fishing a Stream I Once Fished as a Kid [add]

Standing Eight (1989) 01. Handsome Molly [add]
02. Love Song/New York 1982 [add]
03. Party at the U.N. [add]
04. Last Day of the Last Furlough [add]
05. Motels and Planes [add]
06. Up on the C.P. Line [add]
07. Summer Night [add]
08. She's That Kind of Mystery lyrics
09. Girls of Santa Fe [add]
10. The Driver's Song [add]
11. Car and Driver [add]
12. John Haber [add]
13. She's Your Baby Now [add]
14. These Cold Fingers [add]

Inside (1992) 01. Inside [add]
02. Everybody Warned Me [add]
03. Off White [add]
04. Gambler's Blues [add]
05. Long Gone [add]
06. Man from Out of Town [add]
07. Rite of Spring [add]
08. Robert Johnson [add]
09. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me [add]
10. Chameleon Blues [add]
11. Sister Jo [add]
12. Casey, Illinois [add]

Friend of Mine (1993) 01. Ain't Life a Brook [add]
02. Little Red Rooster [add]
03. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]
04. Memphis, Tennessee [add]
05. The Road [add]
06. You Can't Always Get What You Want [add]
07. Duncan and Brady [add]
08. Tom Dula [add]
09. Summer Wages [add]
10. I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive [add]
11. Fishing with Bill [add]
12. Baby, Please Don't Go [add]

Night Train (1994) 01. Night Train [add]
02. Sandy [add]
03. Birches [add]
04. Cold Cold Night [add]
05. Letter from Heaven [add]
06. Ellen's Tune [add]
07. So Many Things [add]
08. Love Arrives [add]
09. Blues in the Morning [add]
10. Broken Waltz Time [add]
11. Walk Down These Streets [add]
12. Time to Go Home [add]

You'll Never Get to Heaven (1996) 01. When Summer's Ended [add]
02. You'll Never Get to Heaven [add]
03. Married for Money [add]
04. As Long as the Sun [add]
05. Ashes, Grain and Sand [add]
06. Winter Laundry [add]
07. Waiting for the Rain [add]
08. Different Currency [add]
09. Hills of Tuscany [add]
10. Closed Down Mill [add]
11. Turn and Spin [add]
12. Big Leg Ida [add]

Songs of Mississippi John Hurt (1999) 01. If You Don't Want Me [add]
02. Avalon Blues [add]
03. Shake That Thing [add]
04. Louis Collins [add]
05. First Shot Missed Him [add]
06. Big Leg Blues [add]
07. Hey, Honey, Right Away [add]
08. Joe Turner Blues [add]
09. I'm Satisfied [add]
10. Beulah Land [add]
11. Funky Butt [add]
12. Coffee Blues [add]
13. Monday Morning Blues [add]
14. Good Morning, Miss Carrie [add]
15. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight [add]

Something I Saw or Thought I Saw (2001) 01. Twenty Third Street [add]
02. Harry's Last Call [add]
03. Just Before We Lost the War [add]
04. Winter Song [add]
05. Moving Day [add]
06. Buddy Bolden's Blues [add]
07. ST. Valentine's Day [add]
08. Traveling by Cab [add]
09. Fix Your Hair the Way You Used To [add]
10. Judgement Day [add]
11. Mobile [add]
12. Will You Be My Rose? [add]

Come Running (2007) 01. I Ain't Walking [add]
02. Thirty Years [add]
03. Dangerous Way [add]
04. Holden's Blues [add]
05. He's Not from Kansas City [add]
06. Summer Jumped All Over Me [add]
07. By the Grave of Baudelaire [add]
08. Canal Street [add]
09. I Was a Fool [add]
10. Death Letter [add]
11. Victory at Sea [add]
12. New Walking Blues [add]
13. Johnny's Tune [add]

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