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Nappy Brown lyrics
Genre: Blues
Don't Be Angry! (1954) 01. Is It True [add]
02. That Man [add]
03. I Wonder [add]
04. Two-Faced Woman (And a Lyin' Man) [add]
05. Just a Little Love [add]
06. It's Really You [add]
07. Don't Be Angry [add]
08. Land I Love [add]
09. I'm in the Mood [add]
10. Open Up That Door [add]
11. I Want to Live [add]
12. Skiddy Woe [add]
13. I'm Getting Lonesome [add]
14. I Cried Like a Baby [add]
15. Bye Bye Baby [add]
16. Little by Little [add]

That Man (1954) 01. That Man [add]
02. Is It True [add]
03. Open Up That Door [add]
04. Bye Bye Baby [add]
05. The Right Time [add]
06. Down in the Alley [add]
07. Baby-Cry-Cry-Cry-Baby [add]
08. Coal Miner [add]
09. Didn't You Know [add]
10. I Wonder [add]
11. Two-Faced Woman (And a Lyin' Man) [add]
12. Little by Little [add]
13. My Baby [add]
14. Long Time [add]
15. Baby I Got News for You [add]
16. What's Come over You Baby [add]
17. I've Had My Fun [add]

I Done Got Over (1983) 01. I Done Got Over [add]
02. Who? [add]
03. Baby, Let Me Lay It on You [add]
04. If You Need Some Lovin' [add]
05. The Land I Love [add]
06. It's Been a Long Time Coming [add]
07. Down in the Alley [add]
08. Well, Well, Well, Baby-La [add]
09. That Man [add]
10. Going Down Slow [add]
11. Baby-Cry-Cry-Cry-Baby [add]

Tore Up (1984) 01. Who? [add]
02. Lemon Squeezing Daddy [add]
03. Heartbreak [add]
04. Losing Hand [add]
05. Tore up over You [add]
06. Hard Luck Blues [add]
07. Hidden Charms [add]
08. It Ain't My Cross to Bear [add]
09. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [add]
10. Jack the Rabbit [add]
11. You Can Make It If You Try [add]

Something Gonna Jump out the Bushes (1987) 01. Have Mercy, Mercy Baby! [add]
02. Dirty Work [add]
03. I'm With You All the Way [add]
04. Something Gonna Jump Out the Bushes [add]
05. You Mean More to Me Than Gold [add]
06. Flamingo [add]
07. My Jug and I [add]
08. Life's Ups and Downs [add]
09. Your Love Is Real [add]
10. You Were a Long Time Coming [add]
11. Nothing Takes the Place of You [add]
12. I'm Walking Out on You [add]

Just for Me (1988) 01. You Must Be Crazy [add]
02. Things Have Changed [add]
03. Just for Me [add]
04. We Need to Love Each Other [add]
05. What More Can I Say? [add]
06. Bye Bye Baby [add]
07. Deep Sea Diver [add]
08. Night Time [add]

Aw! Shucks (1991) 01. You Know It Ain't Right [add]
02. Let Love Take Care (Of the Rest) [add]
03. Aw Shucks, Baby [add]
04. Still Holding On [add]
05. It's Not What You Do [add]
06. Mind Your Own Business [add]
07. True Love [add]
08. Chickadee [add]
09. Night Time ["Live Jam" Version] [add]

I'm a Wild Man (1995) 01. Who, What, Where and When [add]
02. Lonely and Blue [add]
03. In the Darkest Hour [add]
04. Shake, Rattle & Roll [add]
05. Sittin' in the Dark [add]
06. I'm a Wild Man [add]
07. Don't Hurt No More [add]
08. You Will or You Won't [add]
09. Give Me Your Love [add]
10. Love Me Like You Used to Do [add]

Who's Been Foolin' You (1997) 01. Who's Been Foolin' You [add]
02. I Cried Like a Baby [add]
03. Is It True [add]
04. Bye Bye Baby [add]
05. Jumpstart [add]
06. I Don't Believe [add]
07. I'm Too Cool [add]
08. Buy Me an Airplane [add]
09. I'm Getting Lonesome [add]
10. Piddly Patter [add]
11. I Wonder [add]

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