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The Woodbox Gang lyrics
Genre: Folk
Trashcan Americana (2001) 01. Better Place to Die [add]
02. First Rate Smokes [add]
03. Italian Plumber Lawsuit [add]
04. Strange Desert 1947 [add]
05. Games of Chance [add]
06. Showdown [add]
07. The Termite Song [add]
08. Vampire Suicide [add]
09. Mow the Old Woman's Yard [add]
10. I Roll My Own [add]
11. I Roll My Own No. 2 (I'm a Rolling Machine) [add]
12. Devil's Got Dibs on Me [add]
13. Storm Blowing Slowly [add]
14. Color of Freedom [add]
15. Savage Wiener Dogs [add]
16. Wrong Side of Town [add]

Wormwood (2002) 01. God Box Wagon [add]
02. Dot Com Machine [add]
03. Devil Blues [add]
04. Oh Woman [add]
05. Sardine [add]
06. Skyclad [add]
07. Family Night [add]
08. Soap in My Mouth [add]
09. Confidence Man [add]
10. Scarecrow [add]
11. Annie Dhydde [add]
12. Black Yodel No. 7 [add]
13. Squirm Squirm Squirm [add]
14. Panther Song [add]
15. If I Had My Druthers [add]
16. They Came in Black [add]

I've Killed Men (2003) 01. The Hanging of Charlie Birger [add]
02. Spirits in the Spirits [add]
03. Jelly Roll [add]
04. S. Glenn Young [add]
05. I've Killed Men [add]
06. Farmer's Tan/Black Sedan [add]
07. Honey Suckle [add]
08. Do That Messin' Round [add]
09. Death Is Coming [add]
10. Beautiful World [add]
11. Jelly Roll 1928 [add]

Showdown (2003) 01. Showdown/Devil Blues [add]
02. Soap in My Mouth [add]
03. Family Night [add]
04. Squirm Squirm Squirm [add]
05. Wrong Side of Town [add]
06. Godbox Wagon [add]
07. Skyclad [add]
08. Devil's Got Dibs on Me/In My Time of Dyin' [add]
09. They Came in Black [add]

Born with a Tail (2003) 01. All Trouble Head [add]
02. Born with a Tail [add]
03. One That Got Away [add]
04. Drifter's Ghost [add]
05. Debtor's Prison [add]
06. Gingerbread Man [add]
07. Poor Jesus [add]
08. Bad Men [add]
09. Snake in the Grass [add]
10. God Fearin' Woman [add]
11. Never Kissed a Girl [add]
12. Big Bang Yin Yang [add]
13. 665 [add]
14. Togey Water [add]
15. Sinner's Love [add]
16. Let 'em Break Your Bones [add]
17. Checkpoint Charlie [add]
18. Butterfly [add]

Live at Hangar 9 (2006) 01. Born with a Tail [add]
02. Snake in the Grass [add]
03. Dirty Sponge [add]
04. Poor Jesus [add]
05. Sardine [add]
06. Almost Enough [add]
07. Train Back to Texas [add]
08. Confidence Man [add]
09. One That Got Away [add]
10. Farmers Tan/Black Sedan [add]
11. Hanging of Charlie Birger [add]
12. Panther Song [add]
13. Never Kissed a Girl [add]
14. Better Place to Die [add]
15. Italian Plumber Lawsuit [add]
16. Tough Guy Blues [add]

Drunk as Dragons (2007) 01. Shadow of Tom [add]
02. Drunk as Dragons [add]
03. Tough Guy Blues [add]
04. Almost Enough [add]
05. The Muse [add]
06. Train Back to Texas [add]
07. Bad Veins lyrics
08. Dusty Dozer and Grandpa [add]
09. Dirty Sponge [add]
10. Everybody But Me [add]

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