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Greg Brown lyrics
Genre: Folk
44 & 66 (1980) 01. 44 and 66 [add]
02. Don't You Think Too Much [add]
03. Bozo's in Love Again [add]
04. Twenty or So [add]
05. Ring Around the Moon [add]
06. Downtown [add]
07. People Hide Their Love [add]
08. Lullaby at the Edge of Town [add]
09. Early [add]
10. Beatniks Gonna Rise Again [*] [add]

The Iowa Waltz (1981) 01. The Iowa Waltz [add]
02. Mississippi Serenade [add]
03. Counting Feedcaps [add]
04. Grand Junction [add]
05. Out in the Country [add]
06. Walking the Beans [add]
07. My Home in the Sky [add]
08. King Corn [add]
09. Daughters [add]
10. Four Wet Pigs lyrics
11. The Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home [add]

In the Dark with You (1985) 01. Who Woulda Thunk It [add]
02. In the Dark With You [add]
03. Help Me Make It Through This Funky Day [add]
04. I Slept All Night by My Lover [add]
05. Where Do the Wild Geese Go [add]
06. Good Morning Coffee [add]
07. All the Money's Gone [add]
08. Letters from Europe [add]
09. Just a Bum [add]
10. Who Do You Think You're Fooling [add]
11. People With Bad Luck [*] [add]
12. In the Water [*] [add]

Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1986) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The Lamb [add]
03. Infant Joy [add]
04. The Chimney Sweeper [add]
05. The Echoing Green [add]
06. Night [add]
07. On Anothers Sorrow [add]
08. The Tyger [add]
09. The Angel [add]
10. The Garden of Love [add]
11. Infant Sorrow [add]
12. Holy Thursday [add]
13. Ah! Sun-Flower [add]
14. The Little Vagabond [add]
15. A Poison Tree [add]
16. London [add]

One More Goodnight Kiss (1988) 01. One More Goodnight Kiss [add]
02. Say a Little Prayer [add]
03. Mississippi Moon [add]
04. Cheapest Kind [add]
05. Canned Goods [add]
06. I Can't Get Used to It [add]
07. Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon [add]
08. Walking Down to Casey's [add]
09. Speed Trap Boogie [add]
10. Our Little Town [add]
11. Wash My Eyes [add]
12. Cronies [*] [add]
13. It Gets Lonely in a Small Town [*] [add]
14. I Wish I Was a Painter [*] [add]

One Big Town (1989) 01. The Way They Get Themselves Up [add]
02. The Monkey [add]
03. One Cool Remove [add]
04. Back Home Again [add]
05. Just Live [add]
06. One Big Town [add]
07. Lotsa Kindsa Money [add]
08. Things Go On [add]
09. America Will Eat You [add]
10. Tell Me It's Gonna Be Alright [add]

Down in There (1990) 01. If I Had Known [add]
02. Hillbilly Girl [add]
03. A Little Place in the Country [add]
04. Worrisome Years [add]
05. Hacklebarney Time [add]
06. Poor Backslider [add]
07. Fooled Me Once [add]
08. Band of Gold [add]
09. All Day Rain [add]
10. You Are a Flower [add]

Dream Cafe (1992) 01. Just by Myself [add]
02. Sleeper [add]
03. I Don't Know That Guy [add]
04. So Hard [add]
05. You Can Watch Me [add]
06. Dream Caf? [add]
07. You Drive Me Crazy [add]
08. Spring Wind [add]
09. Nice When It Rains [add]
10. Laughing River [add]
11. No Place Away [add]
12. I Don't Want to Be the One [add]

Bathtub Blues (1993) 01. I See the Moon lyrics
02. Late Night Radio lyrics
03. Bathtub Blues lyrics
04. Payday lyrics
05. So Long, You Old Tooth lyrics
06. Green Leaf lyrics
07. Young Robin lyrics
08. Down at the Sea Hotel lyrics
09. Shake Sugaree lyrics
10. Flabbergabble lyrics
11. I Remember When lyrics
12. Four Wet Pigs lyrics
13. Monsters & Giants [add]
14. Two Little Boys lyrics
15. You Might as Well Go to Sleep lyrics
16. I See the Moon lyrics

Poet Game (1994) 01. Brand New '64 Dodge [add]
02. Boomtown [add]
03. Poet Game [add]
04. Ballingall Hotel [add]
05. One Wrong Turn [add]
06. Jesus and Elvis [add]
07. Sadness [add]
08. Lately [add]
09. Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart [add]
10. My New Book [add]
11. Driftless [add]
12. Here in the Going Going Gone [add]

The Live One (1995) 01. Just by Myself [add]
02. Billy from the Hills [add]
03. Boomtown [add]
04. Spring Wind [add]
05. Laughing River [add]
06. You Drive Me Crazy [add]
07. Canned Goods [add]
08. I Don't Want to Have a Nice Day [add]
09. Brand New '64 Dodge [add]
10. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning [add]
11. One More Goodnight Kiss [add]
12. Moondance [add]

Further In (1996) 01. Small Dark Movie [add]
02. Think About You [add]
03. Two Little Feet [add]
04. Hey Baby Hey [add]
05. China [add]
06. Where Is Maria [add]
07. If You Don't Get It at Home [add]
08. You Can Always Come to Me [add]
09. Someday When We're Both Alone [add]
10. Not High [add]
11. Further In [add]
12. If I Ever Do See You Again [add]

Slant 6 Mind (1997) 01. Whatever It Was [add]
02. Loneliness House [add]
03. Mose Allison Played Here [add]
04. Spring & All [add]
05. Vivid [add]
06. Dusty Woods [add]
07. Billy from the Hills [add]
08. Speaking in Tongues [add]
09. Enough [add]
10. Hurt So Nice [add]
11. Wild Like a Sonny Boy [add]
12. Down at the Mill [add]
13. Why Don't You Just Go Home [add]

Over and Under (2000) 01. River Will Take You [add]
02. Mattie Price [add]
03. Summer Evening [add]
04. Why Do You Even Say That [add]
05. Shit Out of Luck [add]
06. Beyond the Sunset [add]
07. Fairfield [add]
08. Almost Out of Gas [add]
09. Betty Ann [add]
10. 857-5413 [add]
11. Your Town Now [add]
12. Dear Wrinkled Face [add]
13. Inabell Sale [add]
14. Like a Dog [add]

Covenant (2000) 01. 'Cept You and Me Babe [add]
02. Rexroth's Daughter [add]
03. Real Good Friend [add]
04. Blues Go Walking [add]
05. Waiting on You [add]
06. Living in a Prayer [add]
07. Dream City [add]
08. Lullaby [add]
09. Blue Car [add]
10. Walkin' Daddy [add]
11. Pretty One More Time [add]
12. [*] [add]

Over and Out (2001) 01. River Will Take You [add]
02. Mattie Price [add]
03. Summer Evening [add]
04. Why Do You Even Say That [add]
05. Shit Out of Luck [add]
06. Beyond the Sunset [add]
07. Fairfield [add]
08. Almost Out of Gas [add]
09. Betty Ann [add]
10. 857-5413 [add]
11. Your Town Now [add]
12. Dear Wrinkled Face [add]
13. Inabell Sale [add]
14. Like a Dog [add]

Milk of the Moon (2002) 01. Lull It By [add]
02. A Little Excited [add]
03. Let Me Be Your Gigolo [add]
04. Smell of Coffee [add]
05. Milk of the Moon [add]
06. Mud [add]
07. Ashamed of Our Love [add]
08. Steady Love [add]
09. The Moon Is Nearly Full [add]
10. Telling Stories [add]
11. Never So Far [add]
12. Oh You [add]

Live at Black Sheep (2003) 01. Last Fair Deal Gone Down [add]
02. Nowhere to Go [add]
03. I Still Miss Someone [add]
04. Milk of the Moon [add]
05. Between Girl and Gone [add]
06. In the Wind [add]
07. Little Satchel [add]
08. Same All Over [add]
09. Who Could've Known [add]
10. Summer Lightning [add]
11. Bittersweet [add]
12. Beulah Land [add]
13. Goodnight Irene [add]

Honey in the Lion's Head (2004) 01. Railroad Bill [add]
02. I Believe I'll Go Back Home [add]
03. Who Killed Cock Robin [add]
04. Old Smokey [add]
05. The Foggy Dew [add]
06. Down in the Valley [add]
07. Ain't No One Like You [add]
08. Green Grows the Laurel [add]
09. I Don't Want Your Millions Mister [add]
10. I Never Will Marry [add]
11. Samson [add]
12. Jacob's Ladder [add]

In the Hills of California [live] (2004) 01. For All [add]
02. Wash My Eyes [add]
03. Never So Far [add]
04. The Way My Baby Calls My Name [add]
05. Spring and All [add]
06. Slow Food [add]
07. Inabell Sale [add]
08. Tequila and Me [add]
09. China [add]
10. Introduction to Kate's Guitar [add]
11. Kate's Guitar [add]
12. Say a Little Prayer [add]
13. You Really Got a Hold on Me [add]
14. I Want My Country Back [add]
15. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]
16. Two Little Feet [add]
17. Introduction to Lord I Have a Place in My Heart [add]
18. Lord I Have a Place in My Heart [add]
19. Poet Game [add]
20. Think About You [add]
21. Where Is Maria [add]
22. Lullaby [add]
23. Almost Out of Gas [add]
24. Livin' in a Prayer [add]
25. Introduction to Mose Allison Played Here [add]
26. Mose Allison Played Here [add]
27. Rexroth's Daughter [add]
28. Vivid [add]
29. Kind Hearted Woman Blues [add]
30. Just Be Myself [add]
31. Your Town Now [add]
32. Don't Let Me Down [add]

The Evening Call (2006) 01. Joy Tears [add]
02. Evening Call [add]
03. Cold+Dark+Wet [add]
04. Bucket [add]
05. Mighty Sweet Watermelon [add]
06. Treat Each Other Right [add]
07. Eugene [add]
08. Coneville Slough [add]
09. Kokomo [add]
10. Pound It on Down [add]
11. Skinny Days [add]
12. Whippoorwill [add]

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