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Psychopunch lyrics
Genre: Rock
Bursting out of Chucky's Town (2000) 01. Killing the Truth [add]
02. Who's Fucking Who? lyrics
03. Something in the Way [add]
04. Mannequin Dream lyrics
05. Generation's Sin lyrics
06. Six Days in Chucky's Town [add]
07. Voice Inside lyrics
08. Out of My Head [add]
09. Dying on My Own [add]
10. Under the Liquid Moon lyrics

Original Scandinavian Superdudes (2001) 01. Make Up Your Mind [add]
02. Pleasure Kill [add]
03. Crashing Down [add]
04. No Nothing [add]
05. Dead End Ride [add]
06. Greatest Waste of Time [add]
07. Killing the Truth [live] [add]
08. Goin' Crazy [live] [add]
09. Six Days in Chucky's Town [live] [add]
10. Down in Flames [live] [add]
11. Something in the Way [live] [add]
12. Straightjacket Hell [live] [add]

The Pleasure Kill (2002) 01. Back in the Days [add]
02. Shotgun Eyes [add]
03. Reinstate Me [add]
04. Up on the Hills [add]
05. Here Today [add]
06. Inhale lyrics
07. Little Pretty One [add]
08. The Zyko P Insanity [add]
09. My Desert Soul [add]
10. I Want Out [add]
11. Apocalypso lyrics

We Are Just as Welcome (2003) 01. Down in Flames [add]
02. Straightjacket Hell [add]
03. Goin' Crazy [add]
04. Good for Nothing at All [add]
05. Stranded (For Holly Ramone) [add]
06. Dear Life: Sweet Nothing [add]
07. Goodbye Suckerville [add]
08. W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D. [add]
09. Cold Heart Disaster [add]
10. Back for Good [add]

Smashed on Arrival (2004) 01. Nothing Ever Dies [add]
02. Hard to Belong [add]
03. All Over Now [add]
04. Dying in Your Dream [add]
05. Sacred Heresy [add]
06. A Powerful Brand [add]
07. Ain't No Turnarounds [add]
08. Just a Little Bit Down [add]
09. Fingerlickin' Good [add]
10. A Matter of Fact [add]
11. Blown Away [add]
12. Oblivion [add]

Kamikaze Love Reducer (2006) 01. Poison Alley Groove [add]
02. Overrated [add]
03. Everlasting [add]
04. On the Stereo [add]
05. When This World Is Dying [add]
06. Two Empty Hands [add]
07. Someone Like You [add]
08. Like a Fake Heart Love Reaction [add]
09. Comin' Right Through [add]
10. The Black River Song [add]
11. The Sadest Key of All [add]

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