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Snooky Pryor lyrics
Genre: Blues
Snooky & Moody (1980) 01. Fine Boogie [add]
02. I'm Getting Tired [add]
03. Rough Treatment [add]
04. Why Should I Worry? [add]
05. Going Back on the Road [add]
06. Please Somebody [add]
07. Real Fine Boogie [add]
08. Hold Me in Your Arms [add]
09. Rough Treatment [add]
10. Why Should I Worry? [add]
11. Boogie Twist [add]
12. Big Guns [add]
13. Uncle Sam Don't Take My Man [add]
14. Can't We Get This Straight [add]

Snooky (1987) 01. Broke and Hungry [add]
02. Nine Below Zero [add]
03. Judgment Day [add]
04. Why You Want to Do Me Like That [add]
05. It Hurts Me Too [add]
06. Look What You Doin' to Me [add]
07. Cheatin' and Lyin' [add]
08. Crazy 'Bout My Baby [add]
09. Key to the Highway [add]
10. That's the Way to Do It [add]
11. Money and Women [add]
12. Don't Worry 'Bout Me [add]

Too Cool to Move (1992) 01. Keyhole in Your Door [add]
02. Can I Be Your Friend [add]
03. Bottle It up and Go [add]
04. Hold Me in Your Arms [add]
05. Don't You Want to Know [add]
06. Cheatin' and Lyin' [add]
07. Walkin' With Snooky [add]
08. Fire, Fire [add]
09. Coal Black Mare [add]
10. Lovin' You Is Killin' Me [add]
11. Boogie Twist [add]
12. My Baby Been Gone [add]
13. Please Be Careful [add]

In This Mess Up to My Chest (1994) 01. Bury You in a Paper Sack [add]
02. Pay for All Our Sins [add]
03. Stick Way Out Behind [add]
04. Can I Get a Witness [add]
05. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
06. Take It Easy Greasy [add]
07. Slow Down Baby [add]
08. Bluebird Blues [add]
09. Hello Little Baby [add]
10. She Tried to Ruin Me [add]
11. My Baby's Too Sweet to Die [add]
12. Judgement Day [add]

Mind Your Own Business (1997) 01. Mind Your Own Business [add]
02. Come on Down to My House [add]
03. Goin' Back to Arkansas [add]
04. Motty and Me [add]
05. I'm So Glad [add]
06. You Set Me Free [add]
07. Miss Fanny Brown [add]
08. Good or Bad Times [add]
09. Shake Your Boogie [add]
10. Diggin' My Potatoes [add]
11. No More Monkey Business [add]
12. Little Brown Hen [add]

Can't Stop Blowin' (1999) 01. Slow Down [add]
02. I Got to Give It Up [add]
03. I Learnt My Lesson Well [add]
04. Ain't Nobody's Business [add]
05. Don't Worry About Me [add]
06. Got to Find My Baby [add]
07. Goin' Down Slow [add]
08. Someone to Love Me [add]
09. When Things Go Wrong With You (It Hurts Me Too) [add]
10. I've Got My Eyes on You [add]
11. I Been Crucified [add]
12. I Heard the News [add]
13. Boots 'N' Saddle [add]

Shake My Hand (1999) 01. Shake My Hand [add]
02. Work With Me Annie [add]
03. Someday Baby [add]
04. Tomorrow Night [add]
05. Telephone Blues [add]
06. In This Mess [add]
07. Pistol Packin' Mama [add]
08. My Baby [add]
09. Headed South [add]
10. Jump for Joy [add]
11. Don't Like to Brag [add]

Snooky Pryor & His Mississippi Wrecking Crew (2002) 01. Rock-A-While [add]
02. School Days [add]
03. Electro-Fi Blues [add]
04. Decoration Day [add]
05. I Ain't Seen My Baby [add]
06. Pinetop's Ginder Man Blues [add]
07. Kind Lover [add]
08. Sugar Mama Blues [add]
09. Corinna [add]
10. After You (There Won't Be Nobody Else) [add]

Mojo Ramble: Snooky Pryor Live in Concert (2003) 01. Dirty Rat [add]
02. Shake My Hand [add]
03. Come on Down to My House [add]
04. It Hurts Me Too [add]
05. I Learnt My Lesson Well [add]
06. Let Your Hair Down, Woman [add]
07. Headed South [add]
08. Where Did You Learn to Shake It Like That? [add]

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