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Kevin Bloody Wilson lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Worst Of (1992) 01. The Pubic Hair Song lyrics
02. Livng Next Door to Alan [add]
03. The Festival of Life lyrics
04. It Was Over lyrics
05. Hey Santa Claus lyrics
06. Kev's Courting Song lyrics
07. Born Again Piss Tank [add]
08. That Fucking Cats Back [add]
09. Dick'taphone lyrics
10. Bali Belly Song lyrics
11. Chucka Browneye [add]

Your Average Australian Yobbo (1997) 01. Sunday Morning [add]
02. I Gave Up Wanking [add]
03. Cum Chin Mi Gurflen [add]
04. Arr F*** [add]
05. Country Bumpkin [add]
06. That F***ing Cat's Back [add]
07. Stack the Fridge lyrics
08. Ailments of the Eighties [add]
09. Wow Did I Get Whacked [add]
10. The Festival of Life lyrics

Kalgoorlie Love Songs (1998) 01. She's the Sorta Sheila [add]
02. Do Ya Fuck on First Dates lyrics
03. Darlin` im So Horny [add]
04. Shes a Good'n [add]
05. Grandad's Got a Bone [add]
06. Sheila, You Were There [add]
07. Its Was Over [add]
08. Hello Jon [The John Laws Song] [add]
09. Take Like a Man [add]
10. Five-Second Foreplay [add]
11. Caring Understanding Nineties Type [add]
12. Fuck Ya Guts Out [add]

Let's Call Him Kev (2003) 01. Me Dick (Just Dialled Your Number) lyrics
02. Festival of Farts [add]
03. Big Fat Bum [add]
04. The Potato Song [add]
05. The Perfect 10 [add]
06. Bali Belly Song lyrics
07. Jacko Can't Get Up [add]
08. This One's Just for You [add]
09. Rockin' and Rootin' [add]
10. The Ode to Huet and Billy [add]

Kev's Kristmas (2003) 01. Hey Santa Claus lyrics
02. Kristmas Without Snow lyrics
03. He Only Comes Once a Year [add]
04. Ho Ho Fucking Ho [add]
05. Santa's Fuckin' Roadies [add]
06. Kristmas on the Piss lyrics
07. Tattoo of Santa [add]
08. Roo Dog lyrics
09. Santa Was Stoned lyrics
10. Grandad's Finger [add]
11. Amazing Grass [add]
12. What About Poor Old Santa Claus [add]

My Australian Roots (2004) 01. You Orta' See Me (When I'm Pissed) [add]
02. Double Decker Dog [add]
03. The Great Roberto [add]
04. Me Dicks on the Dole [add]
05. The Featherbrain Championship lyrics
06. The First Six Rows [add]
07. Olie and Olga [add]
08. You Can Never Find One lyrics
09. "Flowers" [add]
10. The Buiilder lyrics
11. Amazing Grass [add]

Live Down Under (2005) 01. Singing Invite [add]
02. She's the Sorta Sheila [add]
03. PC-Free Zone [add]
04. Dilligaf lyrics
05. The Apprentice [add]
06. That Fucking Cat's Back [add]
07. Stack the Fridge lyrics
08. The Local lyrics
09. Rootin' in the Back of the Ute [add]
10. Double Decker Dog [add]
11. The Kid (He Swears a Little Bit) [add]
12. Nigel Chant [add]
13. Manuel the Bandito [add]
14. Me Dick's on the Dole [add]
15. Missing You lyrics
16. You Can't Say C*** in Canada [add]
17. Absolute C*** of a Day [add]
18. Santa Was Stoned lyrics
19. Hey Santa Claus lyrics
20. Dick Ta Phone [add]
21. The Local lyrics
22. Nigel Chant [add]
23. Dilligaf lyrics

Dilligaf (2006) 01. Dilligaf lyrics
02. His Cock's Got Ribs [add]
03. Missin' the Missus [add]
04. Truckies Kid [add]
05. House of the Rising Flood [add]
06. Nothing Funnier Than a Fart [add]
07. Shane Warne Song lyrics
08. Missing You lyrics
09. Hey GMH lyrics
10. Nigel, F**kin' Legend lyrics
11. Disgraceland [add]

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