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Dan Balestrero lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
Mastering the Art of Voiceovers (2006) 01. Disc 1 Trailer Intro [add]
02. Welcome [add]
03. What Is Voiceover? [add]
04. Business Overview [add]
05. Managers & Agents [add]
06. Microphones and Recording Session [add]
07. Introduction to Reading Copy [add]
08. Movie Trailers and Commercials [add]
09. Details of Speaking [add]
10. Analyzing Copyâ€The Four Great Questions [add]
11. Attitude [add]
12. Copy Formats [add]
13. Disk 2 Track 1 Selling the Last Line [add]
14. Disk2 Track 2 Emphasis, Timing and Highlighting [add]
15. Disk2 Trk3 Louder, Softer and Pause Before You Say It [add]
16. Disk2 Trk4 Verbs, Nouns and Faster/Slower [add]
17. Disk2 Trk5 Tone Painting, Coloring [add]
18. Disk2 Trk6 Beat Changes, New Ideas [add]
19. Disk2 Trk7 Overview, Phrasing Hard Sentences [add]
20. Disk2 TRK 8 Ellipses, Compound Sentences [add]
21. Disk2 Trk9 Changing Cadence and Reading Questions [add]
22. Disk2 Trk10 Marking Copy [add]
23. Disk2 Trk11 Practicing & Who You Are [add]
24. Disk2 Trk12 Making a Demo [add]
25. Disk2 Trk13 Summary/Conclusion [add]
26. Disk3 Trk1 Voice Exercises Introduction [add]
27. Disk3 Trk2 Breathing [add]
28. Disk3 Trk3 Training Your Voice [add]
29. Disk3 Trk4 Voice Exercises Explained [add]
30. Disk3 Trk5 Phrasing & Solving Speech Problems [add]
31. Disk3 Trk6 the Neck [add]
32. Disk3 Trk7 Freedom of Tone and Resonance [add]
33. Disk3 Trk8 General Voice Principals [add]
34. Disk3 Trk9 Consonants and Vowels [add]
35. Disk3 Trk10 Headvoice [add]
36. Disk3 Trk11 Voice Exercise Workout [add]
37. Disk3 Trk12 the Miracle of Day Voice [add]
38. Disk4 Trk1 Introduction to Dialogues of Your Mind [add]
39. Disk4 Trk2 Things You Should Say to Yourself [add]
40. Disk4 Trk3 the Nature of Process [add]
41. Disk4 Trk4 Process of Marketing Your Talent [add]
42. Disk4 Trk5 Marketing Your Personality [add]
43. Disk4 TRK 6 Planning for Success €¢ Modeling [add]
44. Disk4 Trk7 How to Deal with Nervousness [add]
45. Disk4 Trk8 How to Overcome Resistance [add]
46. Disk4 Trk9 Creating the Career You Want [add]
47. Disk4 Trk10 Accepting Success [add]
48. Disk4 Trk11 It’s Not Just About Talent [add]
49. Disk4 Trk12 Accepting Success [add]

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