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Fred Small lyrics
Genre: Folk
The Heart of the Appaloosa (1984) 01. The Heart of the Appaloosa [add]
02. Talking Wheelchair Blues [add]
03. Willie's Song [add]
04. Face at the Window [add]
05. Peace Is [add]
06. Annie [add]
07. Death in Disguise [add]
08. Dig a Hole in the Ground, or, How to Prosper During the Coming Nuclea [add]
09. No More Vietnams [add]
10. Larry the Polar Bear [add]

No Limit (1985) 01. Big Italian Rose [add]
02. Jimmy Come Lately [add]
03. Scrambled Eggs and Prayers [add]
04. Everything Possible [add]
05. Cranes over Hiroshima [add]
06. Peace Dragon [add]
07. Leslie Is Different [add]
08. Father's Song [add]
09. No Limit [add]

I Will Stand Fast (1988) 01. The Hills of Ayalon [add]
02. Diamonds of Anger [add]
03. I Will Stand Fast [add]
04. At the Elbe [add]
05. If I Were a Moose [add]
06. Every Man [add]
07. Scott and Jamie [add]
08. Denmark 1943 [add]
09. This Love [add]

Jaguar (1991) 01. Jaguar [add]
02. Simple Living [add]
03. Warlords [add]
04. Gravity [add]
05. The Last Time I Had Autumn [add]
06. I Didn't Know [add]
07. Survivors [add]
08. Light in the Hall [add]
09. The Distance [add]
10. Mistaken Identity [add]
11. All the Time in the World [add]

Everything Possible: Fred Small in Concert [live] (1993) 01. Introduction by Susan Wilson [add]
02. Guinevere and the Fire [add]
03. Intro: The Other Side of the Wood [add]
04. The Other Side of the Wood [add]
05. Intro: Hot Frogs on the Loose [add]
06. Hot Frogs on the Loose [add]
07. Smile When Your're Ready [add]
08. Simple Living [add]
09. Intro: Rodney King's Blessing [add]
10. Rodney King's Blessing [add]
11. The Hug Song [add]
12. Intro: Friends First [add]
13. Friends First [add]
14. Intro: Too Many People [add]
15. Too Many People [add]
16. If I Were Taken Now [add]
17. The Marine's Lament, or, the Pink Peril [add]
18. Outro: The Marine's Lament, or the Pink Peril [add]
19. Everything Possible [add]
20. Peace Is [add]

Only Love (2001) 01. A Dream in the Light [add]
02. Nobody's Beauty [add]
03. Not in Our Town [add]
04. Only Love [add]
05. Buddha Behind the Wheel [add]
06. The Weed [add]
07. Roger & Phoebe [add]
08. Reverie's End [add]
09. Don't Take Moderation to Excess [add]
10. The Great Green Earth [add]
11. My Roving Days [add]

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