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Insane Poetry lyrics
Genre: Rap
Let 'Em Know (0000) 01. Let 'Em Know [Clean Version] [add]
02. Shroom Vision [Clean Version] [add]
03. Calico Flows [Dirty Version] [add]
04. Let 'Em Know [instrumental] [add]
05. Shroom Vision [instrumental] [add]
06. Calico Flows [instrumental] [add]

Grim Reality (1992) 01. Welcome to the Grim Side [add]
02. Angel of Death [add]
03. How Ya Gonna Reason With a Psycho [add]
04. The House That Dripped Blood [add]
05. Choppin up a Body [add]
06. If Rhymes Could Kill [add]
07. Bring Ya Daughter to the Slaughter [add]
08. Stalkin' With the Nitebreed [add]
09. The Horror Facts [add]
10. Grim Reality [add]
11. Six in the Chamber [add]
12. Till Death Do Us Part [add]
13. One Careless Moment [add]
14. Raise the Devil [add]
15. Manic Depressive [add]
16. Exit Reality Side [add]
17. How Ya Gonna Reason With a Psycho [*] [add]

Blacc Plague (1996) 01. Intro [add]
02. Wrong Neck of Da' Woodz [add]
03. Who Runs the Mutha Fucka [add]
04. You Better Ask Somebody 96 [add]
05. On Deadly Ground [add]
06. Mr. Swine [add]
07. Niggaz Only Live to Die [add]
08. Home of the Body Bagz [add]
09. Killa' Instinct [add]
10. In the Mouth of Maddness [add]
11. 66.6 FM Radio Kill [add]
12. Mirror Mirror [add]
13. How the Wicked' Kickit' [add]
14. Outro [add]

Faith in Chaos (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Faith in Chaos [add]
03. O.K.S. [add]
04. Journey Inside My Mind [add]
05. Footsteps of Danger [add]
06. Voices in My Head [add]
07. Puffin' on Angel Dust [add]
08. Diary of a Killa [add]
09. Radio Kill 66.6 [add]
10. Cyco's Sermon [add]
11. Fall of Babylon [add]
12. Delilah [add]
13. Who Am I [add]
14. Interview [add]
15. Life's a Gamble [add]
16. Trackin' a Killa [add]
17. Any Given Monday Intro [add]
18. Any Given Monday [add]
19. Footsteps of Danger [*] [add]
20. Shout Outs [*] [add]

Fallen from Grace (2007) 01. FFG (Intro) [add]
02. Kill You [add]
03. Boyz in a Box [add]
04. Next Dimension [add]
05. Heartless [add]
06. Suspect Zero [add]
07. Revenge [add]
08. Peekin' Thru Ya Back [add]
09. Murderland [add]
10. Fallen from Grace [add]
11. Jot My Life [add]
12. Let's Ride [add]
13. Heat [add]
14. Black Widow [add]
15. Game of Life [add]
16. Can You Feel My Pain [add]
17. Is It Good [add]
18. FFG (Outro) [add]
19. Commercial [add]

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