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Jez Lowe lyrics
Genre: Folk
Galloways (1985) 01. Back in Durham Gaol [add]
02. The Galloway Lad [add]
03. Gatineau Girls [add]
04. The Boys of Belly Row [add]
05. Northern Echoes [add]
06. Galloways [add]
07. Old Bones [add]
08. Shippwesea Bay [add]
09. The Honest Working Way [add]
10. Chicken Henderson's March [add]
11. Sedgefield Fair/Roxborough Castle [add]
12. Pit Boy [add]
13. Willy's Lyke Wake [add]
14. Dark Shores lyrics
15. Seddon, Johnny [add]
16. Beaumont's Light Horse lyrics

Two a Roue (1986) 01. Patrik's Song/Dance [add]
02. Brockie Lads [add]
03. Todd's Dance/Monferrina [add]
04. Tree [add]
05. Japs and English [add]
06. Reign of the Fair Maid [add]
07. Galician Dances [add]
08. The Bergen [add]
09. Rothbury Races/Morpeth Lasses [add]
10. Gold and Silver [add]
11. The Ballad of Johnny Collier [add]
12. Over Seal Sands [add]
13. Appleby Gallop [add]
14. The Spinning of the Wheel [add]

Bad Penny (1988) 01. Another Man's Wife [add]
02. A Small Coal Song [add]
03. The Midnight Mail [add]
04. Dandelion Clocks [add]
05. London Danny [add]
06. Nella Can Keep It for Treasure [add]
07. The Land of the Living [add]
08. Nearer to Nettles [add]
09. Father Mallory's Dance [add]
10. Yankee Boots [add]
11. A New Town Incident [add]

Briefly on the Street (1990) 01. You Can't Take It with You [add]
02. The Famous Working Man [add]
03. One Man Bound [add]
04. Old Hammer-Head [add]
05. Boonas [add]
06. The Soda Man [add]
07. Davis & Golightly [add]
08. Jordan: Begging Bowl [add]
09. Wannie Wind [add]
10. Alice [add]
11. Fun Without Fools; Swiss Reel [add]
12. The New Moon's Arms [add]

Bede Weeps (1993) 01. A Call for the North Country [add]
02. These Coal Town Days [add]
03. Kid Canute [add]
04. Just Like Moses [add]
05. She'll Always Be Freedom [add]
06. Greek Lightning lyrics
07. Dover, Delaware [add]
08. Tear-Drop Two-Step [add]
09. Too Up and Too Down lyrics
10. The Bulldog Breed [add]
11. Last of the Widows lyrics
12. Mike Neville Said It [add]
13. Bede Weeps [add]

Tenterhooks (1995) 01. Song of the Century [add]
02. Sweep Horizons Clean [add]
03. The Crake in the Morning [add]
04. The Guilts [add]
05. Alibi Child [add]
06. Song of the Indian Lass [add]
07. Workhouse [add]
08. Aloysius [add]
09. Dry Season Land [add]
10. Bait Up [add]
11. Tenterhooks [add]
12. Homefires/Felton Lonnen/Here's the Tender Coming [add]

The Parish Notices (1998) 01. Glad Rags Again [add]
02. Tom-Tom [add]
03. Propping [add]
04. Sod All [add]
05. Spitting Cousins [add]
06. Spares or Repair [add]
07. The Limping Drinker's Polka [add]
08. Go Away Joe [add]
09. Had Away, Gan On [add]
10. The Parish Notices [add]
11. Idle Time [add]
12. If I Had Another Penny [add]

The Old Durham Road (1999) 01. The Old Durham Waltz [add]
02. Hard Life [add]
03. Cursed Be the Caller [add]
04. My Keel Lad [add]
05. Mary Martindale [add]
06. Annie Munro [add]
07. High Part of the Town [add]
08. I'll Never Get Home [add]
09. Foggy Banks [add]
10. Black Diamonds [add]
11. The Old Durham Road [add]
12. Time for Leaving [add]
13. Poor Old Wedgebury [add]
14. Fill the Tankard [add]
15. Head of Wear Water [add]
16. Pretty Saro [add]
17. Wheel of Fortune [add]

Live at the Davy Lamp (2001) 01. Another Man's Wife [add]
02. The Soda Man [add]
03. Black Diamonds [add]
04. Galloways [add]
05. Sweep Horizons Clean [add]
06. The Guilts [add]
07. The Military Road [add]
08. Just Like Moses [add]
09. High Part of the Town [add]
10. The New Moon's Arms [add]
11. Tom Tom [add]
12. Old Bones [add]
13. Kid Canute; Scotty Moore's Reel [add]
14. London Danny [add]
15. Greek Lightning lyrics
16. Weave and Worry [add]
17. Big Meeting Day [add]
18. Last of the Widows lyrics
19. Back in Durham Gaol [add]
20. These Coal Town Days [add]
21. Introductions [add]
22. You Can't Take It With You [add]
23. The Bergen [add]

Honesty Box (2002) 01. Skin Too Thin [add]
02. Ballad of Tasker Jack [add]
03. I Saw Hands [add]
04. In My Trade [add]
05. Armstrong's Army [add]
06. Maddison [add]
07. Latchkey Lover [add]
08. Mother's Day lyrics
09. Fancy Goods [add]
10. Matchboxes [add]
11. The Big Fear [add]
12. Long Iron [add]

Doolally (2004) 01. You and Your Golden Vanity [add]
02. Donnini Doolally [add]
03. Sugar Water Sunday [add]
04. Regina Inside [add]
05. Vikings [add]
06. The Fan Dancer's Daughter [add]
07. Hoi Polloi [add]
08. Calico [add]
09. Keep Them Bairns Away [add]
10. A Penitent's Lent [add]
11. Gulls Eye [add]
12. Bloodstained [add]

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