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The Horseflies lyrics
Genre: Folk
Human Fly (1987) 01. Human Fly [add]
02. Hush Little Baby [add]
03. Jenny in the Railroad [add]
04. Rub Alcohol Blues [add]
05. Cornbread [add]
06. Who Throwed Lye on My Dog [add]
07. I Live Where It's Gray [add]
08. Link of Chain [add]
09. Blueman's Daughter [add]

Gravity Dance (1991) 01. Life Is a Rubber Rope [add]
02. Sally Ann [add]
03. Roadkill [add]
04. Passion Is an Art Form [add]
05. What Does Family Mean? [add]
06. Two Candles [add]
07. I Need a Plastic Bag (To Keep My Brains In) [add]
08. Needles on the Beach [add]
09. Starvation Waltz [add]
10. Cold Out There [add]
11. Time Is Burning [add]
12. Your Eyes Are Elevators [add]

Where the Rivers Flow North (1994) 01. People Go Under [Opening Credits] [add]
02. People Go Under in Pieces [add]
03. The Woods [add]
04. The Town [add]
05. Carnival Lips [add]
06. Charleston [add]
07. People Going Down in Pieces 2 [add]
08. Cutting the Trees [add]
09. Warmth of Your Love [add]
10. The Boat [add]
11. The Distempered Bear Waltz [add]
12. The Storm Trucks [add]
13. The Bug Loop [add]
14. Log Death [add]
15. I Flew Far from Water [add]
16. Warmth of Your Love [add]

A Stranger in the Kingdom (1997) 01. Kingdom [add]
02. Martian Car [add]
03. Bank Robbery [add]
04. Walt and Nat Arrive [add]
05. Claire Arrives [add]
06. Claire Goes to Resolved's [add]
07. Barbecue [add]
08. Cockfight [add]
09. Walt Punches Harlan & Resolved in His Cabin [add]
10. Claire Runs Away [add]
11. Claire Fights with Resolved [add]
12. Claire's Premonition at the Parsonage [add]
13. Fair [add]
14. Nat and Jim Play Ball in Graveyard [add]
15. Attic [add]
16. After Church [add]
17. Strip Show [add]
18. Kiss [add]
19. Walt & Nat to Boston & Claire Looks for Charlie [add]
20. Claire's Death & the Funeral [add]
21. Walt's Arrest [add]
22. Charlie at Halran's Garage [add]
23. Doctor's Testimony [add]
24. Charlie and Athena Walk [add]
25. Nat Walks in Graveyard [add]
26. Nat and Frenchy Fight [add]
27. Frenchy at Charlie's Office [add]
28. Frenchy Testifies [add]
29. Elijah's Testimony and Breakdown [add]
30. Charlie Proposes [add]
31. Burying Pliny [add]
32. Goodbyes [add]
33. Gospel Close-Hold on [add]
34. End Credit Music-The Fair [add]

In the Dance Tent [live] (2000) 01. Pretty Little Girl [add]
02. Emory Bailey [add]
03. Swamp Cat Rag [add]
04. Iko Iko [add]
05. John Brown's Dream [add]
06. Human Fly [add]
07. Late for the Dance [add]
08. Ride Old Buck [add]
09. Leather Britches [add]
10. Jimmy Sutton [add]

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