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Carla Sciaky lyrics
Genre: Folk
Wishes and Dreams (1991) 01. Wishes And Dreams [add]
02. A Rainy Day [add]
03. Hacky Sack [add]
04. The Hundred Dollar Bill [add]
05. The Trip To The Ice Cream Parlor [add]
06. A Good Friend [add]
07. School Lunch [add]
08. Sing, Sing, Sing [add]
09. The Future [add]
10. There's A Hornet In Our Classroom [add]
11. Seasons [add]
12. Nighttime [add]
13. I Want To Know Why [add]
14. Growing Up [add]
15. Tesseract [add]
16. Colorado Skiing [add]
17. Halloween, Pt. II [add]
18. We're Going To Miss You, Mrs. Sciaky [add]
19. Wynken, Blynken, and Nodd [add]

Spin the Weaver's Song (1992) 01. Sheep Shearing Toast [Vocal Version] [add]
02. Sheep Shearing Toast [instrumental] [add]
03. The Sheep Shearers [add]
04. Sheep Shearing [add]
05. Click, Click, That's How the Shears Go [add]
06. Shearing the Sheep [add]
07. The Band of Shearers [add]
08. The Flax in Bloom [add]
09. Jog Along Till Shearing [add]
10. Spinn Spinn/ La Filadora [add]
11. Snosti E Dobra Dotsna Sedela [add]
12. Pukala Sam Lenek [add]
13. Vir?gos Kenderem [add]
14. The Spool [add]
15. Song for the Spinning Wheel [add]
16. Spinning Wheel Song [add]
17. La Tejedora de ?andut? [add]
18. Cotton Picker's Rag [add]
19. The Weaver's Glee [add]
20. I Can Weave Linen [add]
21. The Weaver Is Handsome [add]
22. Paddy the Weaver [add]
23. The Weaver [add]
24. The Weaver's March/Gallant Weaver [add]
25. The Weaver's Daughter [add]
26. The Weaver and the Chambermaid [add]
27. Sweet Becky at the Loom [add]
28. Waulking Song [add]
29. Song of the Sky Loom [add]
30. Weaving Lilt [add]

The Undertow (1993) 01. This Deep Love [add]
02. Late in the Day [add]
03. The Undertow [add]
04. The Whole World 'Round [add]
05. Rolling in the Dew [add]
06. Everybody's Strange But Me [add]
07. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
08. I'm a Wimp [add]
09. Focus on the Road [add]
10. Celia [add]
11. Listen to the Thunder [add]
12. There Is a War A-Raging [add]
13. Song from the Heart [add]

The Awakening (1995) 01. Awakening [add]
02. For a Long Time to Come [add]
03. Is This Water? [add]
04. These Awkward Days [add]
05. Gladys and Harley [add]
06. Insomnia Blues [add]
07. The Song That Bird Sings [add]
08. There Are Three Reasons [add]
09. Once I Had a Sweetheart [add]
10. I Cannot Tell You [add]
11. Icarus [add]
12. Aunt Sue [add]
13. Hope the Hermit [add]
14. There Are Many Roads [add]

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