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Destiny lyrics
Genre: Rock
Beyond All Sense (1985) 01. Intro-Destiny [add]
02. Rest In Peace [add]
03. Spellbreaker [add]
04. Hang Them High [add]
05. Sirens In the Dark [add]
06. Kill the Witch [add]
07. Lost to Heaven [add]
08. More Evil Than Evil [add]
09. Power By Birth [add]
10. Sacrilege [add]

Atomic Winter (1985) 01. Bermuda [add]
02. Who Am I [add]
03. Spellbreaker [add]
04. Beware [add]
05. Religion [add]
06. The Extreme Unction [add]
07. Dark Heroes [add]
08. Living Dead [add]
09. Atomic Winter [add]

Nothing Left to Fear (1991) 01. Nothing Left to Fear [add]
02. Medieval Rendezvous [add]
03. The Evil Trinity [add]
04. Sirens in the Dark [add]
05. Sheer Death [add]
06. F.O.S. [add]
07. Beyond All Sense [add]
08. No Reservation [add]
09. The Raven [add]
10. Rest in Peace [add]
11. Du Gamla Du Fria [add]

The Undiscovered Country (1998) 01. Devil in the Dark [add]
02. Wink of an Eye [add]
03. The Undiscovered Country [add]
04. A Taste of Armageddon [add]
05. By Any Other Way [add]
06. Balance of Terror [add]
07. Tomorrow Is Yesterday [add]
08. Dagger of the Mind [add]

Future of the Past (2004) 01. Holy Man [add]
02. Sabotage [add]
03. In the Shadow of the Rainbow [add]
04. Magic Forest [add]
05. Angels [add]
06. Flying Dutchman [add]
07. On the Outside [add]
08. Ghost Train [add]
09. Future of the Past [add]

Beyond All Sense 2005 (2005) 01. Sacrilege [add]
02. Kill the Witch [add]
03. Ode to You [add]
04. Spellbreaker [add]
05. Power by Birth [add]
06. Rest in Peace [add]
07. Madame Guillotine (Hang 'M High) [add]
08. No Way Out [add]
09. More Evil Than Evil [add]
10. Sirens in the Dark [add]

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