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Butch & Jean lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Platinumb (2002) 01. This Boy [add]
02. Intro Satellite Lounge [add]
03. Telstar [add]
04. Booger Red Viagra Motors [add]
05. Intro Jive Chive Bar and Grill [add]
06. Green Onions [add]
07. Bag Lady [add]
08. Intro Tennessee [add]
09. Favorite Words [add]
10. Habanero's Rvs [add]
11. Intro Blue Light Barbeque and Outdoor Blues Bar [add]
12. Medley: Bright Lights/You Got Me Running [add]
13. San Antonio Rose-Crazy Cattle Ballroon [add]
14. Charmin' Snakes [add]
15. Hickory Smoke Community Church [add]
16. Pianist [add]
17. Being a Little Fat Doesn't Hurt [add]
18. Intro-Booger Red and His Thrifty All-Girl Band, The Tennessee Ti [add]
19. Booger Red Shuffle [add]
20. To All Our Friends, Worldwide [add]
21. Here, There, And Everywhere [add]

Fall Flowers (2002) 01. Welcome to Shuteye [add]
02. Leghorns [add]
03. Boyhood Memories [add]
04. Meetin' Ike [add]
05. The Bulls [add]
06. Ike's Bacon [add]
07. Grandmas Don't Live in the Country No More [add]
08. Bobo [add]
09. Redheaded Parrot [add]
10. Family Quilt [add]
11. Day Care [add]
12. Summertime Again [add]
13. Snorin' [add]
14. Christmas Lights [add]
15. Ms. Cantouchet [add]
16. The Lord Gave Us Memories [add]
17. The News [add]
18. Closin' [add]
19. Welcome Back to Shuteye [add]
20. Old Cotton [add]
21. Cpa Convention [add]
22. Couchelectomy [add]
23. Ike and the Oyster Stew [add]
24. Ike...Answer the Phone [add]
25. I Don't Care What You Call Me [add]
26. Uncle Jr. S' Horse [add]
27. Shellin' Peas [add]
28. Ms. Cantouchet 1/2 off Bikini [add]
29. Ms. Cantouchet and the Horseshoer [add]
30. Hitchin' Day [add]
31. Ike and the Coon Skin Cap [add]
32. Ike and Baseball [add]
33. Puttin' Hens to Roost [add]
34. Closin' [add]

Whatamelon Sunrise (2005) 01. Breakfast with Uncle Cuz [add]
02. Gettin' Back to My Good Old Ways [add]
03. Daddy, My First Best Friend [add]
04. Me and Daddy [add]
05. Go Cart [add]
06. Meet Cauliflower [add]
07. I Love Old Mules [add]
08. Boy's Club [add]
09. Ain't Convention [add]
10. High School Reunion [add]
11. Chevy Fender's Weather and Traffic Report [add]
12. Phone Call for Bobo [add]
13. Cloggin' Mules [add]
14. Ms. Cantouchet and Butch [add]
15. Cuz Cleanin' the Pool [add]
16. Cuz and Ms. Cantouchet [add]
17. Ike's Mister Blister [add]
18. Butch and Cuz Plan the Weekend [add]
19. The Last Three Flies [add]
20. Chevy's Sale [add]
21. Rasslin' [add]
22. Sleepin' on the Porch [add]
23. Butch and Cuz on Horseback [add]
24. Milkin' Time at Aunt Nell's [add]
25. Old Friends [add]
26. Grandpa's Whatamelons [add]
27. Ballet Parkin' [add]
28. Crazy Cattle Ballroom [add]
29. Somebody Else's Darlin' [add]
30. Closin' [add]

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