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The Watersons lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Bright Phoebus (1972) 01. Rubber Band [add]
02. Scarecrow [add]
03. Fine Horseman [add]
04. Winifer Odd [add]
05. Danny Rose [add]
06. Child Among the Weeds [add]
07. Magical Man [add]
08. Never the Same [add]
09. To Make You Stay [add]
10. Shady Lady [add]
11. Red Wine and Promises [add]
12. Bright Phoebus [add]

For Pence and Spicy Ale (1975) 01. Country Life [add]
02. Swarthfell Rocks [add]
03. Barney [add]
04. Chickens in the Garden [add]
05. Adieu Adieu [add]
06. Apple Tree Wassail [add]
07. King Pharim [add]
08. The Good Old Way [add]
09. Grace Darling [add]
10. Three Day Millionaire [add]
11. Swinton May Song [add]
12. T Stands for Thomas [add]
13. Welcome Sailor [add]
14. Malpas Wassail [add]
15. The Bonny Light Horseman [add]
16. Tam Lyn [add]
17. Sheep Shearing [add]
18. Seven Yellow Gypsies [add]
19. Beggar Man [add]
20. Swansea Town [add]
21. Bellman [add]

Mike Waterson (1977) 01. The Wensleydale Lad [add]
02. The Brisk Lad [add]
03. The Two Brothers [add]
04. The Man O' War [add]
05. The Charlady's Son [add]
06. The Light Dragoon [add]
07. The Cruel Ship's Carpenter [add]
08. Bye Bye, Skipper [add]
09. Sorry the Day I Was Married [add]
10. The Yorkshire Tup [add]
11. Tamlyn [add]
12. Lord Rothschild [add]
13. Swansea Town [add]
14. Seven Yellow Gypsies [add]

Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (1977) 01. God Bless the Master [add]
02. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks [add]
03. Windham [add]
04. Heavenly Aeroplane [add]
05. Christian's Hope [add]
06. The Bitter Withy [add]
07. Emmanuel [add]
08. Idumea [add]
09. Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy [add]
10. Come All Ye Faithful Christians [add]
11. Green Fields [add]
12. David's Lamentation [add]
13. Morning Trumpet [add]
14. Joy, Health, Love and Peace [add]

True Hearted Girl (1977) 01. Young Billy Brown [add]
02. Betsy Belle [add]
03. The Beggar Man [add]
04. The Welcome Sailor [add]
05. Meeting Is a Pleasure [add]
06. I Wish I Had Never [add]
07. The Wealthy Squire [add]
08. The Pretty Drummer Boy [add]
09. John Ball [add]
10. Jenny Storm [add]
11. The Bonny Light Horseman [add]
12. The Unfortunate Lass [add]
13. The Flowers of the Forest [add]
14. Grace Darling [add]

A Yorkshire Christmas (2005) 01. Holly Bears a Berry [add]
02. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks [add]
03. The Yorkshire Nativity Story [add]
04. Stormy Winds [add]
05. Carol Singing [add]
06. Emmanuel [add]
07. Christmas Shops [add]
08. Wassail Song [add]
09. The Blunderbus Gun [add]
10. Pace-Egging Song [add]
11. Here We Come A-Wassailing [add]
12. Our Christmas Presents [add]
13. Christmas Is Now Drawing Near at Hand [add]
14. Christmas Wages [add]
15. Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy [add]
16. On Christmas Eve [add]
17. Herod and the Cock [add]
18. A New Year Poem [add]
19. God Bless the Master [add]
20. The Hawes Tragedy [add]
21. The Loss of the Scotch Express [add]
22. Father Christmas [add]

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