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Bill Mallonee lyrics
Genre: Rock
My Year in Review (2002) 01. Tokyo Rose [live] [add]
02. Vet [live] [add]
03. Earth Has No Sorrow [live/#] [add]
04. My Year in Review [live] [add]
05. Deep End [live] [add]
06. Driving the Nails [live] [add]
07. Berlin in '53 [live/#] [add]
08. Bolt Action [Early "Bell Tower" Version] [add]
09. Certain Slant of Light [Early "She Looks Pretty on My Pillow" Verstion] [add]
10. Postscript [Blister Soul Out-Take] [add]
11. Double Cure [Early Solo-Acoustic Version] [add]
12. On the Bethlehem [Flagpole 1995 Christmas Record Version] [add]
13. Sing Angel Choirs [Sister Ruby Christmas Record Version] [add]
14. Where My Seed Might Find Purchase [Harrowing Home Demo Version] [add]
15. All We Left Unsaid [#] [add]

Perfumed Letter (2003) 01. She's So Liquid [add]
02. Perfumed Letter [add]
03. Life on Other Planets [add]
04. Extraordinary Girl [add]
05. Two Become One [add]
06. Silver Transparent [add]
07. Crescent Moon [add]
08. That Little Something [add]
09. Wintergreen lyrics
10. After All You've Done for Me [add]
11. Shirts & Skins [add]
12. Your Bright Future [add]

Locket Full of Moonlight (2004) 01. Locket Full of Moonlight [add]
02. Shellshocked [add]
03. After the Glow [add]
04. Sweetness and Light [add]
05. Table for Two [add]
06. Overflow [add]
07. Jaws of Life [add]
08. Seaview Mirror [add]
09. Dirty Job [add]
10. Locket Full of Moonlight [add]
11. Hat in Hand [add]
12. I'm Not There [add]
13. Half Mast [add]
14. Bearing the Load [add]
15. Weight of Glory [add]
16. Going South [add]

Dear Life (2004) 01. After All This Dust Settles Down [add]
02. Where the Light Does Fall [add]
03. Ready and Red-Eye [add]
04. Carol Merrill [add]
05. High...and Lonesome [add]
06. Who Will You Love? [add]
07. The Kidz on Drugz (Or Life) [add]
08. Chameleon Me (Pin My Hope) [add]
09. I Will Never Be Normal (After This) [add]
10. I Will Miss You Girl [add]
11. Songwriter (Numb) [add]

Friendly Fire (2005) 01. No Longer Bound [add]
02. Can't Fake the Heartache [add]
03. Is That Too Much to Ask? [add]
04. Friendly Fire (No More Fight Left in Me) [add]
05. Four Leaf Clover [add]
06. With Any Luck at All (I May Live to Tell About This) [add]
07. Of Future Oartridge Families (Back of the Bus) [add]
08. Second Guessing [add]
09. You Were the Only Girl for Me [add]
10. Stain Glass Soul [add]
11. Apple of Your Eye [add]
12. Punk Rock's Dead [add]

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