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Shirley Collins lyrics
Genre: Folk
Anthems in Eden (0000) 01. A Song Story (Medley) [add]
02. Rambleaway [add]
03. Ca' the Yowes [add]
04. God Dog [add]
05. Bonny Cuckoo [add]
06. Nellie the Milkmaid [add]
07. Gathering Rushes in the Month of May [add]
08. Gower Wassail [add]

False True Lovers (1959) 01. I Drew My Ship [add]
02. The Irish Boy [add]
03. The Spermwhale Fisher [add]
04. Dennis O'Reilly [add]
05. My Bonny Miner Lad [add]
06. Just as the Tide Was Flowing [add]
07. Bobby Shaftoe [add]
08. Richie Story [add]
09. The Unquiet Grave [add]
10. The Swapping Song [add]
11. Poor Old Horse [add]
12. The False True Love [add]
13. The Foggy Dew [add]
14. Mowing the Barley [add]
15. Scarborough Fair [add]
16. The Cruel Mother [add]
17. The Bonny Cuckoo [add]
18. The Queen of May [add]
19. Died for Love [add]

Sweet England (1959) 01. Sweet England [add]
02. Hares on the Mountain lyrics
03. Hori Horo lyrics
04. The Bonny Irish Boy [add]
05. Tailor and the Mouse [add]
06. Lady and the Swine [add]
07. Turpin Hero [add]
08. The Cuckoo [add]
09. The Bonny Labouring Boy [add]
10. The Cherry Tree Carol lyrics
11. Sweet William [add]
12. Omie Wise [add]
13. Blackbirds and Thrushes [add]
14. A Keeper Went a Hunting [add]
15. Polly Vaughan [add]
16. Pretty Saro lyrics
17. Barbara Allen [add]
18. Charlie [add]

Folk Roots, New Routes (1964) 01. Nottamun Town lyrics
02. Proud Maisrie lyrics
03. The Cherry Tree Carol lyrics
04. Blue Monk [add]
05. Hares on the Mountain lyrics
06. Reynardine lyrics
07. Pretty Saro lyrics
08. Rif Mountain [add]
09. Jane Jane lyrics
10. Love Is Pleasing lyrics
11. Bollweevil Holler lyrics
12. Hori Horo lyrics
13. Bad Girl lyrics
14. Lord Greggory lyrics
15. Grooveyard [add]
16. Dearest Dear lyrics

The Power of the True Love Knot (1968) 01. Bonnie Boy [add]
02. Richie Story [add]
03. Lovely Joan [add]
04. Just as the Tide Was A'Flowing [add]
05. The Unquiet Grave [add]
06. Black-Eyed Susan [add]
07. Seven Yellow Gipsies [add]
08. Over the Hills and Far Away [add]
09. Greenwood Laddie [add]
10. Lady Margaret and Sweet William [add]
11. The Maydens Came [add]
12. Polly Vaughan [add]
13. The Barley Straw [add]
14. Barbara Allen [add]

Love, Death & Tthe Lady (1970) 01. Death & The Lady [add]
02. Glenlogie [add]
03. The Oxford Girl [add]
04. Are You Going to Leave Me? [add]
05. The Outlandish Knight [add]
06. Go from My Window [add]
07. Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime [add]
08. Geordie [add]
09. Salisbury Plain [add]
10. Fair Maid of Islington [add]
11. Six Dukes [add]
12. Polly on the Shore [add]
13. Plains of Waterloo [add]

No Roses (1971) 01. Claudy Banks [add]
02. The Little Gypsy Girl [add]
03. Banks of the Bann [add]
04. Murder of Maria Marten [add]
05. Van Dieman's Land [add]
06. Just as the Tide Was a 'Flowing [add]
07. The White Hare [add]
08. Hal-An-Tow [add]
09. Poor Murdered Woman [add]

Adieu to Old England (1974) 01. Mistress's Health: Lumps of Plum Pudding [add]
02. Down by the Seaside [add]
03. Chiner's Song [add]
04. Adieu to Old England lyrics
05. Ashen Faggot Wassail [add]
06. I Sing of Maiden That Is Makeless [add]
07. The Banks of the Mossom [add]
08. The Ram of Derbish Town [add]
09. Portsmouth [add]
10. Horkstow Grange [add]
11. Come All You Little Streamers [add]
12. Spaniards Cry: Sherborne Jig [add]
13. One Night as I Lay on My Bed [add]
14. The Death of Nelson [add]
15. Coronation Jig [add]

Amaranth (1976) 01. Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear [add]
02. C'est la Fin/Pour Mon Cuer [add]
03. Bonny Kate [add]
04. Adieu to All Judges and Juries [add]
05. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene [add]
06. Black Joker/Black White Yellow & Green [add]

For as Many as Will (1978) 01. Lancashire Lass lyrics
02. Never Again lyrics
03. Lord Allenwater lyrics
04. The Blacksmith Courted Me lyrics
05. Beggar's Opera Medley/Can Love Be Control'd by Advice/O Polly You ... [add]
06. Gilderoy lyrics
07. Rockley Firs/Sweet Jenny Jones lyrics
08. German Tune [add]
09. The Moon Shines Bright [add]
10. Harvest Home Medley/Peas, Beans, Oats and Barley/The Mistress's Health lyrics

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