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Genre: Folk
Monsters in the Bathoom (1985) 01. Black Socks [add]
02. What's the Matter With You? [add]
03. Monsters in the Bathroom [live] [add]
04. When I Grow Up [live] [add]
05. That's What Friends Are For [add]
06. Freddy the Fly Eating Frog [add]
07. The Billboard Song [live] [add]
08. The Freedom Bird [live] [add]
09. Abiyoyo [live] [add]
10. I'm Not Small [live] [add]

Fifty Ways to Fool Your Mother (1986) 01. I'm on My Way [add]
02. There Goes My Brother Again [add]
03. Havin' a Party [add]
04. My Dog Sam [add]
05. When I First Came to This Land [add]
06. Under One Sky [add]
07. 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother [add]
08. Mr. Spaceman [add]
09. Nobody Knew [add]
10. Somos el Barco/We Are the Boat [add]

Dinosaurs Never Say Please (1987) 01. Dinosaurs Never Say Please [add]
02. I'm Busy [add]
03. Bojabi [add]
04. Master of All Masters [add]

Cool in School (1987) 01. Cool in School [add]
02. Forget That Girl [add]
03. Zanzibar [add]

You're in Trouble (1989) 01. No School Today [add]
02. If You're Gonna Be a Grub [add]
03. I'm Busy [add]
04. I Don't Believe It [add]
05. Tumbalele [add]
06. Moon and Me [add]
07. You're in Trouble [add]
08. When You Don't Know What It Is [add]
09. Watch Out [add]
10. Cool in School [add]
11. Dad Threw the TV Out the Window [add]
12. Family [add]

I'm Gonna Let It Shine (1990) 01. Get on Board, Children [add]
02. Hold on (Keep Your Eyes on the Prize) [add]
03. Everybody Says Freedom [add]
04. Oh Freedom [add]
05. I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table [add]
06. Woke up This Morning With My Mind on Freedom [add]
07. Come by Here [add]
08. Up over My Head [add]
09. Sing Mandela Free [add]
10. Tsenzenina [add]
11. This Little Light [add]
12. If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus [add]
13. Calypso Freedom [add]
14. One Little Step Towards Freedom [add]
15. Guide My Feet [add]
16. I'm on My Way [add]
17. Ain't You Got a Right to the Tree of Life [add]
18. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round [add]
19. We Shall Overcome [add]

Grownups Are Strange (1990) 01. Grownups Are Strange [add]
02. Grandma vs. The Headless Man [add]
03. Happy Birthday Mrs. Nottingham!!!/Birthday Waltz [add]

Come on Out & Play (1990) 01. Sitting Down to Eat [add]
02. Sarah's Story [add]
03. Come on Out & Play (Bear's All-Night Party) [add]
04. Staying Up (Nothing Happened) [add]
05. Fox's Sack [add]

Big Big World (1993) 01. Big Big World [add]
02. I Don't Wanna Wait [add]
03. Pirate Song [add]
04. Pizza Shake [add]
05. Tommy Says [add]
06. So Long [add]
07. Sittin' Down to Eat [add]
08. Listen to Me [add]
09. Who Made This Mess? [add]
10. Keep It Green [add]
11. Do It Together [add]
12. Walk a Mile [add]
13. Turn the World Around [add]

From the Back of the Bus (1995) 01. In the Back of the Bus [add]
02. Bottlecaps [add]
03. Mr. Anderson [Indiana Sate Bus Driver of the Year] [add]
04. In the Back of the Bus (Reprise) [add]

Wacka Wacka Woo & Other Stuff (1995) 01. Wacka Wacka Woo [add]
02. Soap Soap [add]
03. Aunt Edith Meets Tricky [add]
04. Is Not, Is Too [add]
05. Tara and the Magic Sack [add]
06. Aikendrum [add]

Already Someplace Warm (1995) 01. I Want to See the Day [add]
02. This Train Don't Run [add]
03. Already Someplace Warm [add]
04. No Hobo's Lullaby [add]
05. Light of the Moon [add]
06. Daddy Played the Phonograph [add]
07. Dead End Job [add]
08. Handful of Flowers [add]
09. Forty Years from Now [add]
10. So Many Years [add]
11. Dead Cut Blues [add]
12. Thank You Mr. Ryan [add]
13. Zucchinis! [add]
14. How the Story Ends [add]

Down in the Backpack (1995) 01. Milky Way [add]
02. Down in the Backpack [add]
03. The King of Calibar [add]
04. You're Driving Me Crazy [add]
05. It's a Long Way [add]
06. Macaroni and Cheese [add]
07. Most Valuable Player [add]
08. Everything Is Music [add]
09. Mom and the Radio [add]
10. There's a Light in You [add]
11. Echo [add]

There's a Pea on My Plate (1997) 01. There's a Pea on My Plate [add]
02. A Light That Always Shines [add]
03. Oh No, Not Again [add]
04. A Cowboy's Life [add]
05. Put Your Helmet On [add]
06. The Love of the Game [add]
07. Don't You Just Know It [add]
08. I Love My Sister [add]
09. Moving Day [add]
10. Tue Tue [add]
11. You Should Have Been There [add]
12. Things Will Look Better in the Morning [add]

Weezie and the Moonpies (1998) 01. Mrs. Lunchroom [add]
02. Weezie and the Moonpies [add]

The Battle of the Mad Scientist (1999) 01. The Battle of the Mad Scientists [add]
02. The Great Sled Race [add]
03. The Eeny Weeny Beeny Ghost [add]
04. Mrs. Ammons and the Boys' Room [add]

Play It Again: Favorite Songs (& One New Story) (1999) 01. Big Big World [add]
02. Wacka Wacka Woo [add]
03. Cool in School [add]
04. Monsters in the Bathroom [add]
05. Sitting Down to Eat [add]
06. Dad Threw the TV Out the Window [add]
07. There Goes My Brother Again [add]
08. So Long My Mom [add]
09. Black Socks [add]
10. 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother [add]
11. Is Not Is Too [add]
12. You're in Trouble [add]
13. You're Not the Boss of Me (Story) [add]
14. Moon and Me [add]

Town Around the Bend (2003) 01. Warning About Jumping on Beds [add]
02. Nighty Noodles [add]
03. How the Town Around the Bend Got Its Name [add]
04. Bellybutton [add]
05. Look Out Your Window [add]
06. Bucket of Beans, Clarisse, And the Bubble Machine [add]
07. Why Pillows Sing [add]
08. I'm Your Pillow [add]
09. Why Kids Sing to Their Parents [add]
10. Go to Sleep, Little Daddy [add]
11. Strawberry Peach Sky [add]
12. Nighty Noodles [Again] [add]

Mistakes Were Made: Live (2003) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The Cape [add]
03. Why I Bought a Sailboat [add]
04. Already Someplace Warm [add]
05. Thinking of You [add]
06. Sex Ed [add]
07. That's Where You Come From [add]
08. Its Better Than That [add]
09. All I Want [add]
10. Bats [add]
11. I Am the Batman [add]
12. Swimming to the Other Side [add]
13. Sweet New England [add]

The Teacher's Lounge (2005) 01. A Little Music [add]
02. The Teacher's Lounge [add]
03. Sick of Sick [add]
04. Book Report [add]
05. Why I'm Missing Recess [add]
06. The Science Fair [add]

One More Time (2005) 01. Pizza Shake [add]
02. Love of the Game [add]
03. There Goes My Brother Again [add]
04. There's a Pea on My Plate [add]
05. I Don't Wanna Wait [add]
06. Moving Day [add]
07. Everyone's a Little Bit Different [add]
08. My Dog Sam [add]
09. Pirate Song [add]
10. I'm Busy [add]
11. Grownups Are Strange [add]
12. You Shoulda Been There [add]
13. Alicia & The Little Monster [add]
14. Nighty Noodles [add]

Blah Blah Blah: Stories About Clams, Swamp Monster, Pirates and Dog (2005) 01. The Ballad of Dirty Joe lyrics
02. King of the Clams [add]
03. Bow Wow Wow [add]
04. Joey, Chloe and the Swamp Monsters/Hokey Pokey [add]

I Wanna Play (2007) 01. I Like to Sing [add]
02. Barbie's Head Is Missing [add]
03. Bella Bella Bella Tuld Monga [add]
04. You've Got to Ask [add]
05. C-R-A-Z-Y [add]
06. To the South Pole [add]
07. Sleep the Whole Day Through [add]
08. I Wanna Play [add]
09. You Saved My Life [add]
10. At the Library [add]
11. Fireflies [add]
12. Touch One Thing [add]

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