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Genre: Folk
Ski Songs (1959) 01. Celebrated Skier [add]
02. In This White World [add]
03. Super Skier lyrics
04. My Highlands Lassie [add]
05. Bend in His Knees [add]
06. Talking Skier [add]
07. Ski Patrol [add]
08. Skiin' in the Morning' [add]
09. Super Skier's Last Race [add]
10. What'll We Do [add]
11. Skol to the Skier [add]

Bob Gibson & Bob Camp at the Gate of Horn [live] (1961) 01. Skilet Good and Greasy [add]
02. Old Blue [add]
03. St. Claire's Defeat [add]
04. I'm Gonna Tell God [add]
05. Two in the Middle [add]
06. Civil War Trilogy: First Batallion/Yes I See/Two Brothers [add]
07. Daddy Roll 'Em [add]
08. The Thinking Man [add]
09. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
10. Chicago Cops [add]
11. Betty and Dupree [add]

Yes I See (1961) 01. Yes I See [add]
02. Springhill Mine Disaster [add]
03. Well, Well, Well [add]
04. You Can Tell the World [add]
05. Copper Kettle [add]
06. John Henry [add]
07. Gilgarry Mountain (Darlin' Sportin' Jenny) [add]
08. Motheless Children [add]
09. Daddy Roll 'Em [add]
10. Trouble in Mind [add]
11. By and By [add]
12. Blues Around My Head (When the Sun Comes Up in the Mornin') [add]

Where I'm Bound (1964) 01. Where I'm Bound (Gonna Be Singing in That Land) [add]
02. The Waves Roll Out [add]
03. 12-String Guitar Rag [add]
04. Wastin' Your Time [add]
05. The New "Frankie and Johnnie" Song [add]
06. Fog Horn [add]
07. Baby, I'm Gone Again [add]
08. Farewell My Honey, Cindy Jane [add]
09. Same Old Woman (There Is a Woman) [add]
10. Stella's Got a New Dress [add]
11. The Town Crier's Song (Ten O'Clock All Is Well) [add]
12. What You Gonna Do? [add]
13. Betsy From Pike [add]
14. Fare Thee Well (Dick's Song) [add]

The Perfect High (1980) 01. Just a Thing I Do (Kathy O'Grady's Song) [add]
02. Yes Mr. Rogers [add]
03. Leaving for the Last Time [add]
04. Army of Children [add]
05. Rock Me Sweet Jesus [add]
06. Heavenly Choir [add]
07. Mendocino Desperados [add]
08. Cuckoo Again [add]
09. Middle Aged Groupies [add]
10. Box of Candy (And a Piece of Fruit) [add]
11. The Perfect High [add]

Gibson & Camp at the Gate of Horn...Revisited!! [live] (1994) 01. You Can Tell the World [add]
02. Well, Well, Well [add]
03. Skillet, Good and Greasy [add]
04. Old Blue [add]
05. St. Claire's Defeat [add]
06. I'm Gonna Tell God [add]
07. Two in the Middle [add]
08. Civil War Trilogy: First Batallion/Yes I See/Two Brothers [add]
09. Daddy Roll 'Em [add]
10. Chicago Cops [add]
11. John Henry, the Thinking Man [add]
12. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
13. Betty and Dupree [add]
14. For Lovin' Me [add]

Makin' a Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel Silverstein (1995) 01. Stops Along the Way [add]
02. I Hear America Singing [add]
03. Whistlers and Jugglers [add]
04. Nothin's Real Anymore [add]
05. Killed by a Coconut [add]
06. Man Who Turns the Damn Thing off and On [add]
07. Take Me [add]
08. Still Gonna Die [add]
09. Fancy Ladies [add]
10. Never Be This Young Again [add]
11. Golden Kiss [add]
12. Leavin' Came Hard [add]
13. Makin' a Mess of Commercial Success [add]

Stops Along the Way (1997) 01. Michael, Row the Boat Ashore [add]
02. To Morrow [add]
03. Abilene [add]
04. I Can't Hide the Way [add]
05. How Could You Do This to Me [add]
06. Sing Us Some of the Old Songs [add]
07. Great Lakes Song [add]
08. Mermaid of Ontario [add]
09. Row, Row, Row [add]
10. No More Cane on the Brazos [add]
11. Start the Parade [add]
12. Get Away [add]
13. Let the Band Play Dixie [add]
14. Dayin' for Love [add]
15. I Hear America Singing [add]
16. Living Legend [add]
17. Stops Along the Way [add]

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