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Bright Blue Gorilla lyrics
Genre: Folk
Ice Cream & Other Flavors (1997) 01. Golden Idols [add]
02. My Man Is a Train [add]
03. Shatter Your Silence [add]
04. Give Me a Continent [add]
05. Ice Cream [add]
06. Beware of the Wolves [add]
07. Look Out West [add]
08. What Does Sherrie Think? [add]
09. Soul Slumber [add]
10. Labor of Love [add]

Strange Strange Dream (1997) 01. Strange Strange Dream [add]
02. Lovers in a Dangerous Time [add]
03. The World Is Mad [add]
04. Look Out, There's a Weathervane [add]
05. East of Eden [add]
06. And the Radio Played [add]
07. S.K.I.N. [add]
08. Napoleon's Coat [add]
09. Los Angeles Angels [add]
10. There's No Rockefellers [add]
11. House of Spirits [add]
12. Your Spirit Flew [add]

Mantra for the American Jungle (1998) 01. Riding Beside You With Sky [add]
02. Don't Walk Away [add]
03. Greed [add]
04. Feel the Movement [add]
05. The Ballad of Sid & Mary Ann [add]
06. Juliet's Asleep [add]
07. The Dogs of Violence [add]
08. One Step Down [add]
09. It Is a Lovely Day [add]
10. Hold Me [add]
11. Sister Sarah's Sky [add]

Lotus (2001) 01. Lotus [add]
02. Annie [add]
03. Raymond [add]
04. Silent Music [add]
05. Thanks [add]
06. Lazy Afternoon [add]
07. I Will Dive [add]
08. Rocket Town [add]
09. Fire in the Ancient Memory [add]
10. Cocoon [add]
11. Miriam's Magic Music Box [add]

Gorillas Go Hollywood (2005) 01. The Flower's Bliss [add]
02. Arjuna's Moon [add]
03. Conscience Dream [add]
04. Sleep [add]
05. Wings of You [add]
06. I Got a Letter from You [add]
07. Sarah Beatnick [add]
08. That's Life [add]
09. Brand New Me [add]
10. Photo Samba [add]
11. Dance Like a Monkey [add]
12. Merci Merci [add]
13. Don't Want to Work for the FBI [add]
14. Inside of Me [add]
15. Fellini [add]
16. Summertime State of Mind [add]
17. Sarah Surf [add]
18. Anytime You Come to Town [add]
19. 70's Guy [add]
20. Good Luck with Arizona [add]
21. Arizona on the Map [add]
22. Dad's Disco [add]
23. Cheesy Love Ballad [add]

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