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Peggy Seeger lyrics
Genre: Folk
At the Present Moment (1973) 01. Student Edward [add]
02. Song of Choice [add]
03. I'm Gonna Be an Engineer [add]
04. Let's Pretend [add]
05. My Son [add]
06. We Are the Young Ones [add]
07. Uncle Sam [add]
08. Hello Friend [add]
09. Tall and Proud [add]
10. Big Cigars [add]
11. We Are a Nation of Animal Lovers [add]
12. Che Guevara [add]
13. Angela Davis [add]
14. Wasteland Lullabye [add]
15. Brother, Did You Weep? [add]
16. The Dead Men [add]

Period Pieces: Women's Songs for Men & Women (1998) 01. I'm Gonna Be an Engineer [add]
02. Nine-Months Blues [add]
03. Lullabye for a Very New Baby [add]
04. Different Tunes [add]
05. Winnie and Sam [add]
06. Reclaim the Night [add]
07. Missing [add]
08. Union Woman 2 [add]
09. I Support the Boycott [add]
10. Twenty Years [add]
11. R.S.I. [add]
12. Different Therefore Equal [add]
13. Turncoat [add]
14. B-Side [add]
15. Woman on Wheels [add]
16. Carry Greenham Home [add]
17. Darling Annie [add]

Love Will Linger On (2000) 01. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [add]
02. Autumn Wedding [add]
03. Down by the Flowing River [add]
04. Mysterious Lover [add]
05. My Joy of You [add]
06. Fiddling Soldier [add]
07. Swallow and Trout [add]
08. Love Affair [add]
09. Love Will Linger On [add]
10. Primrose Hill [add]
11. The Dog of Time [add]
12. Call on Your Name [add]
13. Birds of a Feather [add]

Almost Commercially Viable (2000) 01. New Spring Morning [add]
02. Bread and Wine [add]
03. Let's Pretend [add]
04. Polonium [add]
05. Primrose Hil [add]
06. Sweet Heroin [add]
07. Garden of Flowers [add]
08. Guilty [add]
09. Night Song [add]
10. A Good War [add]
11. Morning Comes Too Soon [add]
12. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are [add]
13. Give 'Em an Inch [add]
14. My Joy of You [add]
15. Holiday Song [add]
16. Once Again [add]
17. Getting It Right [add]

Heading for Home (2003) 01. Heading for Home [add]
02. Country Blues [add]
03. Jackie Rover [add]
04. Dear Companion [add]
05. Oma Wise [add]
06. John Gilbert Is the Boat [add]
07. John Riley [add]
08. Soldier's Farewell [add]
09. Jenny's Gone Away [add]
10. Generous Lover [add]
11. Henry Lee [add]
12. Fatal Flower Garden [add]
13. Girl of Constant Sorrow [add]

Love Call Me Home (2005) 01. Sing About These Hard Times [add]
02. Poor Ellen Smith [add]
03. Hangman [add]
04. Careless Love [add]
05. Love Is Teasing [add]
06. Rynerdine [add]
07. London Bridge [add]
08. Loving Hannah [add]
09. Bad Bad Girl [add]
10. Logan County Jail [add]
11. Who Killed Cock Robin? [add]
12. Love Call Me Home [add]

Three Score and Ten [live] (2007) 01. Intorduction [add]
02. Hangman [add]
03. Fiddling Soldier [add]
04. Logan County Jail [add]
05. Che Guevara [add]
06. Lowlands of Holland [add]
07. Different Therefore Equal [add]
08. Cavemen [add]
09. Humours of Bandon [add]
10. Home Sweet Home [add]
11. Darling Annie [add]
12. If You Want a Better Life [add]
13. Poem for Ewan [add]
14. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [add]
15. I Am Ill with Love [add]
16. So Long Since I Been Home [add]
17. My Mother Is Younger Than Me [add]
18. When First Unto This Country [add]
19. Soldier's Farewell [add]
20. Quill Ditty [add]
21. Cindy [add]
22. English Is Cuh-Ray-Zee [add]
23. Take It from Dr. King [add]
24. Where Have All the Flowers Gone [add]
25. Gonna Be an Engineer [add]
26. Careless Love [add]
27. Sing About These Hard Times [add]
28. Love Call Me a Home [add]

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