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Odetta lyrics
Genre: Blues
The Tin Angel (1954) 01. John Henry [add]
02. Old Cotton Fields at Home [add]
03. The Frozen Logger [add]
04. Run, Come See Jerusalem [add]
05. Old Blue [add]
06. Water Boy [add]
07. Santy Anno [add]
08. I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago/The Biggest Thing [add]
09. Riding in My Car (Car Song) [add]
10. No More Cane on the Brazos [add]
11. Payday at Coal Creek [add]
12. 'Buked and Scorned [add]
13. Rock Island Line [add]
14. Another Man Done Gone [*] [add]
15. Children Go Where I Send Thee [*] [add]
16. I Know Where I'm Going [*] [add]
17. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [*] [add]
18. Timber [*] [add]
19. Wade in the Water [*] [add]

Sings Ballads and Blues (1956) 01. Santy Anno [add]
02. If I Had a Ribbon Bow [add]
03. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
04. Another Man Done Gone [add]
05. Shame and Scandal [add]
06. Jack O'Diamonds [add]
07. 'Buked and Scorned [add]
08. Easy Rider [add]
09. Joshua [add]
10. Hound Dog [add]
11. Glory, Glory [add]
12. Alabama Bound [add]
13. Been in the Pen [add]
14. Deep Blue Sea [add]
15. God's Gonna Cut You Down [add]
16. Spiritual Trilogy: Oh Freedom/Come and Go With Me/I'm on My Way [add]

At the Gate of Horn (1957) 01. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
02. Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away [add]
03. The Gallows Pole [add]
04. Lowlands [add]
05. The Fox [add]
06. Maybe She Go [add]
07. The Lass from the Low Countree [add]
08. Timber [add]
09. Deep River [add]
10. Chilly Winds [add]
11. Greensleeves [add]
12. Devilish Mary [add]
13. All the Pretty Little Horses [add]
14. The Midnight Special [add]
15. Take This Hammer [add]

My Eyes Have Seen (1959) 01. Poor Little Jesus [add]
02. Bald Headed Woman [add]
03. Motherless Children [add]
04. I Know Where I'm Going [add]
05. The Foggy Dew [add]
06. I've Been Driving on Bald Mountain/Water Boy [add]
07. Ox-Driver Song [add]
08. Down on Me [add]
09. Saro Jane [add]
10. Three Pigs [add]
11. No More Cane on the Brazos [add]
12. Jumpin' Judy [add]
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]

Christmas Spirituals (1960) 01. Rise up, Shepherd, and Follow [add]
02. What Month Was Jesus Born In? [add]
03. Mary Had a Baby [add]
04. Somebody Talking 'Bout Jesus [add]
05. Virgin Mary Had One Son [add]
06. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
07. Shout for Joy [add]
08. Poor Little Jesus [add]
09. O Jerusalem [add]
10. Ain't That A-Rockin' [add]
11. If Anybody Asks You [add]
12. Beautiful Star [add]
13. Children Go Where I Send Thee [add]

Odetta and the Blues (1962) 01. Hard, Oh Lord [add]
02. Believe I'll Go [add]
03. Oh, Papa [add]
04. How Long Blues [add]
05. Hogan's Alley [add]
06. Leavin' This Morning [add]
07. Oh, My Babe [add]
08. Yonder Comes the Blues [add]
09. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor [add]
10. Weeping Willow Blues [add]
11. Go Down, Sunshine [add]
12. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out [add]

At Town Hall (1962) 01. Let Me Ride [add]
02. The Fox [add]
03. Santy Anno [add]
04. Devilish Mary [add]
05. Another Man Done Gone [add]
06. Children's Trilogy [add]
07. He Had a Long Chain On [add]
08. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
09. Take This Hammer [add]
10. Ox-Driver Song [add]
11. Hound Dog [add]
12. Carry It Back to Rosie [add]
13. What Month Was Jesus Born In? [add]
14. The Frozen Logger [add]
15. Timber [add]
16. Freedom Trilogy: Oh Freedom/ Come and Go With Me/ I'm on My Way [add]

One Grain of Sand (1963) 01. Sail Away, Ladies [add]
02. Moses, Moses [add]
03. Midnight Special [add]
04. Rambler-Gambler [add]
05. Cotton Fields [add]
06. Roll on, Buddy [add]
07. Ain't No Grave [add]
08. Special Delivery Blues [add]
09. Rambling Round Your City [add]
10. Boll Weevil [add]
11. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
12. She Moved Through the Fair [add]
13. Cool Water [add]
14. One Grain of Sand [add]

Odetta Sings Dylan (1965) 01. Baby, I'm in the Mood for You [add]
02. Long Ago, Far Away [add]
03. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
04. Tomorrow Is a Long Time [add]
05. Masters of War [add]
06. Walkin' Down the Line [add]
07. The Times They Are A-Changin' [add]
08. With God on Our Side [add]
09. Long Time Gone [add]
10. Mr. Tambourine Man [add]
11. Blowin' in the Wind [add]
12. Paths of Victory [add]

Odetta [1967] (1967) 01. Give Me Your Hand [add]
02. Strawberry Fields Forever [add]
03. Love Songs of the Nile [add]
04. Oh, My Babe [add]
05. Little Red Caboose [add]
06. Child of God [add]
07. Hogan's Alley [add]
08. Little Girl Blue [add]
09. African Prayer [add]
10. Oh Papa [add]
11. Turn Me 'Round [add]

Odetta Sings (1970) 01. Take Me to the Pilot [add]
02. Mama Told Me (Not to Come) [add]
03. Every Night [add]
04. Hit or Miss [add]
05. Give a Damn [add]
06. My God and I [add]
07. Lo and Behold [add]
08. Bless the Children [add]
09. No Expectations [add]
10. Movin' It On [add]

To Ella [live] (1998) 01. Black Women [add]
02. The Fox [add]
03. Suite: Ancestors/900 Miles/Red Clay Country/Another Man Done ... [add]
04. Ol' Lady Sally [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]

Blues Everywhere I Go (1999) 01. Blues Everywhere I Go [add]
02. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]
03. Dink's Blues [add]
04. Unemployment Blues [add]
05. TB Blues [add]
06. Trouble Everywhere/I've Been Living With the Blues [add]
07. Can't Afford to Lose My Man [add]
08. Homeless Blues [add]
09. Oh, Papa [add]
10. Look the World Over [add]
11. Careless Love/St. Louis Blues lyrics
12. Hear Me Talking to You [add]
13. Rich Man Blues [add]
14. W.P.A. Blues [add]
15. You Gotta Know How [add]

Looking for a Home (2001) 01. Goodnight Irene [add]
02. You Don't Know My Mind [add]
03. Mother's Blues (Little Children Blues) [add]
04. When I Was a Cowboy [add]
05. In the Pines [add]
06. How Long [add]
07. Bourgeois Blues [add]
08. Alabama Bound/Boll Weevil [add]
09. Roberta [add]
10. New Orleans [add]
11. Jim Crow Blues [add]
12. Rock Island Line [add]
13. Julie Anne Johnson/Whoa Black Buck [add]
14. Easy Rider [add]
15. Midnight Special [add]

Women in Emotion (2002) 01. Rambler and Gambler [add]
02. Before I Can Change My Clothes/Alabama Bound/Bo Weavil [add]
03. Ninehundred Miles/Going With the Chilly Winds/Don't Blow/Another ... [add]
04. Until It's Time for You to Go [add]
05. Carry It Home to Rosie [add]
06. Many of Miles [add]
07. Why Don't We Go [add]
08. Black Woman [add]
09. God's Gonna Cut You Down [add]

Odetta [2003] (2003) 01. Black Woman [add]
02. The Fox [add]
03. Suite: Ancestors: 900 Miles/Red Clay Country/Another Man Done Gone [add]
04. Ol' Lady Sally [add]
05. Amazing Grace [add]

Gonna Let It Shine (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. This Little Light of Mine [add]
03. Rise Up Shepherd [add]
04. Mary Had a Baby [add]
05. What Month Was Jesus Born In? [add]
06. Shout for Joy [add]
07. Virgin Mary Had One Son [add]
08. Down by the Riverside [add]
09. Poor Little Jesus [add]
10. Freedom Trilogy: Oh Freedom/Come & Go with Me/I'm on My Way [add]
11. Somebody Talking 'Bout Jesus [add]
12. Keep on Movin' It On [add]
13. O Jersualem [add]
14. If Anybody Asks You [add]
15. Midnight Special [add]
16. This Little Light of Mine [*] [add]

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