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The New Lost City Ramblers lyrics
Genre: Country
The New Lost City Ramblers, Vol. 1 (1958) 01. Forked Deer [add]
02. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]
03. Truly Understand You Love Another Man [add]
04. Dallas Rag [add]
05. Tom Cat Blues [add]
06. Colored Aristocracy [add]
07. Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea [add]
08. East Virginia Blues [add]
09. Battleship of Maine [add]
10. Davy [add]
11. The Roving Gambler [add]
12. Take a Drink on Me [add]
13. Likes Likker Better Than Me [add]
14. It's a Shame to Whip Your Wife on Sunday [add]
15. Brown's Ferry Blues [add]
16. The Old Fish Song [add]
17. Crossed Old Jordan's Stream [add]

Old-Timey Songs for Children (1959) 01. Old Bell Cow [add]
02. Hopalong Pete [add]
03. Beware, Oh Take Care [add]
04. Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me [add]
05. Eyes Are Blue [add]
06. Charley, He's a Good Old Man [add]
07. Adam in the Garden [add]
08. Chewing Gum [add]
09. Cotton Eyed Joe [add]
10. Jennie Jenkins [add]
11. Barbara Allen [add]
12. Hop High Ladies [add]
13. Rabbit Chase [add]
14. Common Bill [add]
15. Johnny Get Your Gun [add]

The New Lost City Ramblers, Vol. 3 (1961) 01. Black Mountain Rag [add]
02. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
03. Talking Hard Luck [add]
04. Railroad Blues [add]
05. Weaveroom Blues [add]
06. Baltimore Fire [add]
07. Willie, Poor Boy [add]
08. Red Rocking Chair [add]
09. Hold That Woodpile Down [add]
10. Three Men Went A-Hunting [add]
11. Johnson Boys [add]
12. Hot Corn [add]
13. Lady of Carlisle [add]
14. The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Was Never a Married Man [add]
15. Sal Got a Meatskin [add]
16. My Long Journey Home [add]
17. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss [add]
18. Hogeye [add]

Remembrance of Things to Come (1966) 01. Soldier's Joy [add]
02. The Titanic [add]
03. Single Girl [add]
04. Lord Bateman [add]
05. I'm Lonesome [add]
06. He Is Coming to Us Dead [add]
07. The Cat's Got the Measles and the Dog's Got the Whooping Cough [add]
08. Rock About My Saro Jane [add]
09. Black Bottom Stut [add]
10. New Lost Hometown Blues [add]
11. Dark and Stormy Weather [add]
12. Black Jack Daisy [add]
13. Never Be as Fast as I Have Been [add]
14. Little Ball of Yarn [add]
15. The Sioux Indians [add]
16. Parlez-Nous a Boire [add]
17. The Arkansas Sheik [add]
18. Give the Fiddler a Dram [add]

The New Lost City Ramblers With Cousin Emmy (1968) 01. Old Tim Brooks [add]
02. A Home in Old Kentucky [add]
03. I'm Going Across the Sea [add]
04. Pretty Little Miss Out in the Garden [add]
05. Little Joe [add]
06. Ruby, Are You Mad at Your Man? [add]
07. Dance All Night With a Bottle in Your Hand [add]
08. Lost John [add]
09. Bowling Green [add]
10. Cat's Got the Measles [add]
11. Mother's Grave [add]
12. Chilly Scenes of Winter [add]
13. Graveyard [add]
14. Johnny Booker [add]
15. Scat Tom Kitty Puss [add]
16. Shortnin' Bread [add]

On the Great Divide (1973) 01. John Brown's Dream [add]
02. Old Johnny Booker Won't Do [add]
03. Railroading on the Great Divide [add]
04. Love of Polly and Jack Monroe [add]
05. Walking Boss [add]
06. Who Killed Poor Robin [add]
07. The Old Man at the Mill [add]
08. On Our Turpentine Farm [add]
09. Little Satchel [add]
10. Dry and Dusty [add]
11. If the River Was Whisky [add]
12. Come All You Tender Hearted [add]
13. The Time's Been Swiftly Rolling By [add]
14. There's Coming a Time [add]
15. A Night at the Country Opera [add]
16. Hawkins' Rag [add]
17. La Valsse de Bambocheurs [add]
18. Cotton Eyed Joe [add]

Songs from the Depression (1981) 01. No Depression in Heaven [add]
02. There'll Be No Distinction There [add]
03. Breadline Blues [add]
04. White House Blues [add]
05. Franklin Roosevelt's Back Again [add]
06. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live [add]
07. Keep Moving [add]
08. Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us All [add]
09. Serves Them Fine [add]
10. NRA Blues [add]
11. Death of the Blue Eagle [add]
12. Join the C.I.O. [add]
13. Old Age Pension Check [add]
14. Sales Tax on the Woman [add]
15. Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train [add]
16. Loveless C.C.C. [add]
17. Boys, My Money's All Gone [add]
18. All I Got's Gone [add]

Old Time Music [live] (1994) 01. Introduction: Mike Seeger [add]
02. Leather Britches [add]
03. Free Little Bird [add]
04. My Name Is John Johanna [add]
05. Jesse James [add]
06. Bow Down [add]
07. Stone's Rag [add]
08. Gold Watch and Chain [add]
09. Worried Man Blues [add]
10. Little Darlin' Pal of Mine [add]
11. Wildwood Flower [add]
12. Sally Johnson [add]
13. Little Birdie [add]
14. Sail Away Ladies [add]
15. Pretty Little Miss Out in the Garden [add]
16. Old Tim Brooks [add]
17. Pretty Little Miss Out in the Garden [add]
18. Lost John [add]
19. Chilly Winds [add]
20. Wish I Was a Single Girl Again [add]
21. Waterbound [add]
22. Needlecase [add]
23. Roll On Buddy [add]
24. Bowling Green [add]
25. San Antonio Rose [add]
26. The Old Gospel Ship [add]
27. Train 45 [add]
28. Oh Death [add]
29. Weapon of Prayer [add]
30. Black Jack Davey [add]
31. This World Is Not My Home [add]

There Ain't No Way Out (1997) 01. Buck Creek Girls [add]
02. Skip to My Lou [add]
03. Jolie Petite Blonde [add]
04. God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind [add]
05. Anchored in Love Divine [add]
06. Last Chance [add]
07. Weave Room Blues [add]
08. Sugar Baby [add]
09. Oh Death [add]
10. Cumberland Gap [add]
11. Do You Call That Religion? [add]
12. Crapshooters Hop [add]
13. Brown Skin Gal [add]
14. Abe's Retreat [add]
15. Big Ball in Town [add]
16. Colored Aristocracy [add]
17. Treat My Daughter Kindly [add]
18. I'm on My Way to the Old Home [add]
19. Farewell Sweet Jane [add]
20. The Girl I Left Behind [add]
21. Miner's Lament [add]
22. Shady Grove [add]
23. Free Little Bird [add]
24. Rabbit in the Pea Patch [add]
25. One-Step de Rich? [add]
26. Tom & Jerry [add]

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