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Chestnut Brass Company lyrics
Genre: Classical
Music of Francis Johnson (1990) 01. Phoenix Polka [add]
02. Victoria Gallop [add]
03. Evergreen Polka [add]
04. Croton Waltz [add]
05. Princeton Gallopade [add]
06. Valse a Cinq Temps [add]
07. Col. George W. Riter's Parade March and Quickstep [add]
08. General Lafayette's Trumpet March and Quickstep [add]
09. The General [add]
10. Monmouth [add]
11. German Town [add]
12. Brandy Wine [add]
13. Yorktown [add]
14. The Cadmus [add]
15. La Fayett's Welcome (Country Dance) [add]
16. "Honour to the Brave": General Lafayette's Grand March [add]
17. Lucy Neale Quadrille [add]
18. The Monongahela Waltz [add]
19. Recollections of Buffalo [add]
20. Miss Lucy Long [add]
21. Five Step Waltz [add]
22. Cotillion [add]
23. Philadelphia Firemen's Cotillion [add]
24. The Mallet or Stop Waltz [add]
25. Davis' Quickstep [add]
26. Butchers and Drovers Grand March [add]
27. Philadelphia Hop Waltz [add]
28. The New Bird Waltz [add]
29. Boone Infantry Brass Band Quickstep [add]
30. St. Luois Fire Company's Anniversary Parade March [add]
31. Dirge [add]
32. Philadelphia Gray's Quickstep [add]

Pops Encore (1993) 01. Night and Day [add]
02. Friendship [add]
03. In the Still of the Night [add]
04. It's De-Lovely [add]
05. Just One of Those Things [add]
06. I Get a Kick Out of You [add]
07. I Concentrate on You [add]
08. C'est Magnifique [add]
09. Take the "A" Train [add]
10. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
11. Satin Doll [add]
12. Caravan [add]
13. Prelude to a Kiss [add]
14. Creole Love Call [add]
15. I'm Beginning to See the Light [add]
16. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]
17. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
18. 'S Wonderful [add]
19. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
20. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
21. The Man I Love [add]
22. Strike up the Band [add]
23. Summertime [add]
24. I Got Rhythm [add]

Hail to the Chief! (1996) 01. President's March [add]
02. Hunters of Kentucky [add]
03. King Andrew [add]
04. President Martin Van Buren's Grand March [add]
05. American Boy [add]
06. General Harrison's Log Cabin March and Quick Step [add]
07. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too! [add]
08. President Harrison's Funeral March (Dirge) [add]
09. John Tyler's Lamentation [add]
10. President James K. Polk's Grand March and Quick Step [add]
11. General Taylor Storming Monterey [add]
12. Clay Gallopade [add]
13. General Taylor's Galop [add]
14. Fillmore Quick Step [add]
15. Grave of the Slave [add]
16. Get off the Track! [add]
17. The Fugitive's Song (I'll Be Free! I'll Be Free!) [add]
18. General Pierce's Presidential Inauguration March and Quick Step [add]
19. Buchanan Polka [add]
20. Fillmore the Wise [add]
21. White House Chair [add]
22. Buck's Private Confession Publicly Revealed [add]
23. Lincoln Grand March [add]
24. We Are Coming, Father Abraham, 300,000 More [add]
25. Hail to the Chief [add]
26. President Lincoln's Funeral March [add]
27. Who Shall Rule This American Nation? [add]
28. Veto Galop! [add]
29. General Grant's Quick Step [add]
30. Hurrah for Hayes and Honest Ways [add]
31. American National Waltz [add]
32. Hundred Years Hence [add]

Foster for Brass (2004) 01. Ellen Bayne Quick Step [add]
02. Bronze Bob Tail Horse Quick Step [add]
03. Why, No One to Love [add]
04. California Quick Step [add]
05. Beautiful Dreamer [add]
06. Dolly Day Quick Step [add]
07. Hard Times Waltz [add]
08. We Are Coming Father Abraam, 300, 000 More [add]
09. Colonel Meeker's Quick Step [add]
10. My Old Kentucky Home [add]
11. My Wife Is a Most Knowing Woman [add]
12. Maggie by My Side Grand March [add]
13. Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista [add]
14. Willie Schottisch [add]
15. George Hart's Quick Step [add]
16. Some Folks [add]
17. Open Thy Lattice, Love [add]
18. Old Dog Tray March [add]
19. Camptown Quick Step [add]
20. Massa's in the Cold Ground [add]
21. When This Dreadful War Is Over [add]
22. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming [add]
23. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Quick Step [add]
24. Gentle Annie [add]
25. Lulu Is Gone [add]
26. Where Has Lula Gone [add]
27. Farewell My Lily Dear Quick Step [add]

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