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Ewan MacColl lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Big Hewer (1959) 01. When You Hew aLump of Coal... [add]
02. Out of the Dirt and Darkness I Was Born... [add]
03. Schoolday's Over, Come on Then, John... [add]
04. Now Don't Be Late... [add]
05. You're at the Pit Bank... [add]
06. Oh Dear, the Experience to Go Down in the Pit... [add]
07. When I Am Down in the Pit... [add]
08. So Now You Know the Coal How It Is Got... [add]
09. Jimmy, Come Back, Come Back... [add]
10. Yes...He Was Working Next to Me... [add]
11. And Yet It's Good to Come From the Pit... [add]
12. Three Hundred Years I Hewed at the Coal By Hand... [add]
13. Down in the Dark... [add]
14. In Durham and Northumberland, I'm Sorry for to Say... [add]
15. A Miner Has to Possess That Sense of Humor... [add]
16. Coal Is a Thing That's Cost Life to Get... [add]
17. Today, Safety Is the Prime Factor... [add]
18. Deep Down in a Man's Heart... [add]

Blow Boys Blow (1960) 01. Row Bullies Row [add]
02. Paddy Doyle [add]
03. Wild Goose Shanty [add]
04. While Cruising Around Yarmouth [add]
05. Old Billy Riley [add]
06. Handsome Cabin Boy [add]
07. South Australia [add]
08. Blow Boys Blow [add]
09. Whup! Jamboree [add]
10. Banks of Newfoundland [add]
11. Whiskey Johnny [add]
12. Do Me Ama [add]
13. Jack Tar [add]
14. Paddy West [add]
15. Haul on the Bowline [add]
16. A Hundred Years Ago [add]

The Ballad of John Axon (1965) 01. John Axon Was A Railway Man... [add]
02. It Was 4 A.M. That Saturday [add]
03. The Iron Road Road Is A Hard Road... [add]
04. It Doesn't Matter Where You Come From [add]
05. The Rain Was Gently Falling... [add]
06. Come All You British Loco Men.. [add]
07. The Repair Was Done... [add]
08. I May Be A Wage Slave On Monday... [add]
09. Come All You Young Maidens... [add]
10. Steam Train, Steam Train [add]
11. Under The Large Injector Steam Valve... [add]
12. The Engine Had Reached The Distant Signal... [add]
13. On The 3rd Of May 1957... [add]

Singing the Fishing (1966) 01. Up Jumped the Herring the King of the Sea [add]
02. Come All You Gallant Fishermen... [add]
03. It's up With the Dawn... [add]
04. Years Ago, You Started Very Young... [add]
05. I Started to Go to Sea in 1892... [add]
06. So It's off With a Boiler Full of Steam... [add]
07. When the Wind Is Freshening... [add]
08. What Shall It Profit a Fisherman... [add]
09. It's Busk Ye, My Lads, Get You up on the Deck... [add]
10. There's No Feeling Like Coming into Harbour... [add]
11. Came A'ye Fisher Lassies [add]
12. Up Jumped the Herring... [add]
13. Cwa, Ye Herring Fishermen... [add]
14. A' the Week Your Man's Away... [add]
15. Wi' Our Nets and Gear... [add]
16. Our Ships Are Small [add]

The Fight Game (1967) 01. 'Twas in Tierra del Fuego in South Amerikay [add]
02. There's a Game Some Call the Fight Game [add]
03. Boxing, to Me, Is the Greates Character-Builder in the World [add]
04. Come All You Gallant Fighting Men [add]
05. Come on Johnny, and Put 'Em up Johnny [add]
06. When You're a Fighter, You're Different [add]
07. Then Come on, Strip off Young Johnny Boy [add]
08. I Like All My Bovers to Be Perfect Skipper [add]
09. When You're Trainging [add]
10. There's Such a Helluva Lot of Work to Be Done [add]
11. The Programme Is Set Up [add]
12. Who Would Have a Boxer for a Husband [add]
13. You Get to the Hall [add]
14. On My Right, the Champion, Johnny Boy [add]
15. What'll We Do With the Man in the Ring? [add]
16. Johnny, Johnny, You Failed Us [add]
17. I Don't Think You Can Call Boxing a Sport [add]

The Wanton Muse (1968) 01. Ballad of Trades [add]
02. The Shepherd Lad [add]
03. The Wanton Seed [add]
04. Bonny Lassie's Plaidie [add]
05. The Coachman and His Whip [add]
06. The Thrashing Machine [add]
07. Maid of Australia [add]
08. The Cuckoo's Nest [add]
09. The Gairdener Chyld [add]
10. The Vintner [add]
11. Andrew and His Cutty Gun [add]
12. All Fours [add]
13. The Cobbler [add]
14. The Mowdiewark [add]
15. Furze Field [add]
16. Long Peggin' Awl [add]
17. The Maid Gaed Tae the Mill [add]
18. The Bird in the Bush [add]
19. She Was a Rum One [add]

Travelling People (1968) 01. My Mother Said I Never Should [add]
02. I Am Tired of Always Having to Shift [add]
03. Born in the Middle of the Afternoon [add]
04. If You Took a Traveller [add]
05. Don't I Wish the Old Times Would Come Back Again [add]
06. I Like to Settle in the Wintertime [add]
07. We Never Did Travel Much in the Wintertime [add]
08. The Auld Ways Are Changing [add]
09. These Days Have Gone [add]
10. I Mean, We're Fed Up With Gypsies Living in Our Area [add]
11. People Get the Impression, O These Gypsies, They're Rogues [add]
12. They Can't Read or Write [add]
13. Bloody Isn't It [add]
14. Can't See No Way Out [add]

Solo Flight (1972) 01. The Bonnie Bunch of Roses [add]
02. The Tunnel Tigers [add]
03. A Roving Hielan' Man [add]
04. The Iron-Moulder's Wedding [add]
05. The Bold Poachers [add]
06. Ye Hae Lien Wrang Lassie [add]
07. The Fowler [add]
08. The Maid of Reigate [add]
09. Sheath and Knife [add]
10. Alan Tyne O' Harrow [add]
11. Roseberry [add]
12. The Molecatcher [add]
13. James Herries [add]
14. The Penny Wager [add]
15. The Tattie-Lifting Song [add]
16. Lament for the Death of a Nobody [add]

Scottish Drinking & Pipe Songs (1984) 01. Bagpipe Pipe Tunes: Hail Ro Ruadh Waternish; Daldownie's Reel; the ... [add]
02. I'm a Young Bonnie Lassie [add]
03. Never Wed an Old Man [add]
04. He Winda Wint His Gruel [add]
05. My Rovin' Eye [add]
06. Jack MacGraw [add]
07. My Son David [add]
08. Johnny O'Breadiesley [add]
09. MacPherson's Lament [add]
10. Lament for William Chisholm [add]
11. Blue Bonnets over the Border [add]
12. Three Waulking Songs and a Song for Finishing the Cloth [add]
13. Gentle Lady [add]
14. Soldier's Song [add]
15. Mouth Music [add]
16. The Sister's Lament [add]
17. Song of the Thrush [add]
18. Dandling, Spinnish and Waulking Songs [add]
19. Pipe Imitations [add]
20. Johnny Lad [add]
21. The False Lover Won Back [add]
22. Aikendrum [add]
23. The Gairdener Chyld [add]
24. The Maid Gaed Tae the Mill [add]
25. The Elfin Knight [add]

75th Birthday Symposium (1996) 01. Thirty Foot Trailer [add]
02. The Shoals of Herring [add]
03. The Fish Gutters Song [add]
04. The First Time Ever [add]
05. White Wind [add]
06. The Berry Fields of Blair [add]
07. Going to the West [add]
08. The Invader [add]
09. My Old Man [add]
10. Spinning Wheel [add]
11. Joy of Living [add]
12. Interview: Ewan MacColl in Conversation with Jim Lloyd [add]

The Body Blow (1999) 01. Introduction [add]
02. What Day Did the World Stop Moving? [add]
03. Do You Recall How You Climbed the Mountains? [add]
04. Can't Breathe [add]
05. I Often Think Back... [add]
06. The World Is a Bed... [add]
07. I Wasn't Afraid While I Was in the Lung... [add]
08. Well, First of All... Appreciate the Situation [add]
09. While There's Life, There's Hope... [add]
10. It's Goodbye Now... [add]
11. How Can I Do All the Small Things? [add]
12. Stronger Than Pain Is the Human Will to Survive... [add]
13. The Hidden Foe... [Closing Announcement] [add]

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