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Lou Del Bianco lyrics
Genre: Children's
For Kids Only (0000) 01. Homework Blues [add]
02. The Tortoise and the Hare [add]
03. Grandpa [add]
04. The Father of the House [add]
05. The Gum Song [add]
06. Dawn Puccini [add]
07. The Biggest in the World! [add]
08. Tinga Layo [add]
09. Don't Drop It.... [add]
10. Kindergarten [add]

When I Was a Kid (1994) 01. Build That Clubhouse [add]
02. Where Is My Shadow? [add]
03. Mother Is You [add]
04. Gecooch [add]
05. Nikky, Terror of the Family [add]
06. My Father's Friends [add]
07. Corroded Margaret [add]
08. Give Me a Hit [add]
09. The Secret Room [add]
10. It's All Right [add]

A Little Bit Clumsy (1997) 01. Big Ned [add]
02. That's What My Mamma Says [add]
03. Bike Ride [add]
04. Kali [add]
05. One Last Cookie [add]
06. I Have Six Sisters [add]
07. Dawn Puccini [add]
08. I'll Be Your Best Friend [add]
09. Walkin' Home [add]
10. The Witch [add]
11. Mustard Tree [add]
12. Separate on the Plate [add]
13. A Little Bit Clumsy [add]

Lost in School (2000) 01. Bad Day Today [add]
02. Homework Blues [add]
03. Lost in School #1 [add]
04. She's a Girl [add]
05. Lost in School #2 [add]
06. Gotcha Last [add]
07. That's What I Like [add]
08. Lost in School #3 [add]
09. Angie's Meatballs [add]
10. Skippies [add]
11. Lost in School #4 [add]
12. I'm Bored [add]
13. On and on and On [add]
14. Lost in School #5 [add]
15. Big Bad Bully Boy [add]
16. I Wanna Be [add]

Around the World (2002) 01. Around the World [add]
02. The Magic Spring [Japan] [add]
03. How Anansi Got a Thin Waist (Ghana) [add]
04. It Could Be Worse (Russia) [add]
05. The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Greece) [add]
06. A Leprechaun's Tale (Ireland) [add]
07. Not Our Problem (Burma) [add]
08. The Stolen Aroma (Peru) [add]
09. The Legend of Bluebonnet [Comanche] [add]
10. Remember/Around the World Reprise [add]

Make a Good Choice! (2006) 01. Make a Good Choice! Rap [add]
02. The Secret Room [add]
03. Nikky, Terror of the Family [add]
04. I Have Six Sisters [add]
05. Give Me a Hit [add]
06. Make a Good Choice! Segue [add]
07. Dawn Puccini [add]
08. Big Bad Bully Boy [add]
09. Bad Day Today [add]
10. The Witch [add]
11. The Gum Song [add]
12. Make a Good Choice! Reprise [add]
13. Corroded Margaret [add]

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