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Wayne Faust lyrics
Genre: Folk
The Good Stuff (2003) 01. The Unicorn [add]
02. Onetontomata [add]
03. I'm Schizophrenic [add]
04. Remembering [add]
05. Blind Date [add]
06. Rocky Top [add]
07. Pretty Song for a Pretty Lady [add]
08. The Banjo Went Down to Georgia [add]
09. Mad Cow [add]
10. Lots of Things Rhyme with Duck [add]
11. Winnebago [add]
12. I'm an Old Song [add]
13. In Your Eyes [add]
14. My First Drink [add]
15. Dueling Banjos [add]
16. Sailing Home [add]
17. Circle Be Unbroken Medley [add]
18. This Old Piano [add]

Kid with a Guitar (2003) 01. You Pay Your Dime [add]
02. Does This Mean [add]
03. Bald Guys [add]
04. Really Dumb Deer [add]
05. Computer Crash Song [add]
06. Cripple Creek [add]
07. Sally Bring Some Flowers [add]
08. Blue Mist [add]
09. Save the Beer [add]
10. Deodorant Song [add]
11. Kings and Thieves [add]
12. Kid with a Guitar [add]

Bald Guys N' Beer (2005) 01. Little Island on a Great Big Lake [add]
02. Talk Backwards [add]
03. Hippies Sittin' in the Old Folks Home [add]
04. Steve Bartman Song [add]
05. Testosterone [add]
06. Over Fifty Softball Team [add]
07. Jerry Williams Said [add]
08. My Feet Are Crooked [add]
09. Cockroaches on Parade [add]
10. Bald Guys (Live) [add]
11. Really Dumb Deer (Live) [add]
12. Save the Beer (Live) [add]

Bald Guys Are Cool (2005) 01. Bald Guys [add]
02. Onetontomata [add]
03. I'm Schizophrenic [add]
04. Winnebago [add]
05. Really Dumb Deer [add]
06. In Your Eyes [add]
07. Save the Beer [add]
08. Imagine Me [add]
09. Lots of Things Rhyme with Duck [add]
10. Banjo Went Down to Georgia [add]
11. Blind Date [add]
12. Pretty Song [add]
13. Dueling Banjos [add]
14. Sailing Home [add]

Songs from the Road (2006) 01. I Wanna See a Parade in Chicago [add]
02. The Bucksnort When I Die [add]
03. Fudge [add]
04. Eatin' on the Road [add]
05. Island Kind O' Guy [add]
06. Blood Is Thicker Than Water [add]
07. A Crawfish Named Pierre [add]
08. The Wrong Side of the Road [add]
09. They Can't Breathe [add]
10. Hostfest Song [add]
11. Always Come Home to You [add]
12. Shenandoah/River [add]

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