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Beyond the Pale [Celtic] lyrics
Genre: World
Strange Turns (2002) 01. Julia Delaney/Jolene/Jerusalem Ridge [add]
02. Drunken Piper/Glass of Beer/Dick Gossips [add]
03. Green Among the Gold [add]
04. Travelling North America [add]
05. The Fate of the Children of Lir [add]
06. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm [add]
07. The Hoochie Dance [add]
08. Old and Strong [add]
09. Chicago Jig/Andy Dejarliss/The After Dinner Irish Jig [add]
10. The Red Haired Boys/Garret Barry's [add]
11. Honest Work [add]
12. The Earl's Chair/Baltimore Salute/Martin Wynne's [add]
13. The Widow/Out on the Ocean [add]
14. Sputnik's Lullaby [add]

Movin' On (2002) 01. South Australia [add]
02. Black & Tans [add]
03. Back in the Days [add]
04. Home to Ireland [add]
05. Dogs Among the Bushes [add]
06. Eleanor Rigby [add]
07. Enemy [add]
08. Well Below the Valley-O [add]
09. Movin' On [add]
10. Banshee [add]
11. Charlie on the Mta [add]
12. Dream Girl [add]
13. John Kanaka [add]
14. Dancing with Mrs. White [add]

Beyond the Pale (2002) 01. The Timberwind [add]
02. Rosin the Bow [add]
03. When Will We Be Married Molly [add]
04. Baba O'Riley [add]
05. The River Is Wide [add]
06. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O [add]
07. Up Against the Buchalawns [add]
08. Paddy on the Railway [add]
09. Golden Golden [add]
10. The Reel in the Flickering Light [add]
11. The German Clockwinder [add]
12. Drunken Sailor [add]
13. When She Sleeps [add]
14. General Guinness [add]
15. Celtic Swing [add]
16. Fiddler's Green [add]
17. The Irish Washerwoman [add]
18. The Flower of Maharally [add]

Queen of Skye (2004) 01. Farrel O'Gara's/Bellharbor/Siobhan O'Donnell's [add]
02. Where to Now St. Peter? [add]
03. Mooney (The Donegal Fiddler) [add]
04. You Can't Break My Heart [add]
05. Millionaire [add]
06. The Butlers of Glen Avenue/Leslie's March [add]
07. From Me to You [add]
08. The Spanish Lady [add]
09. La Sansonette/Corridinio [add]
10. The Salt/Tuttle's [add]
11. The Queen of Skye [add]
12. Fred Finn's/Father Newman's/Frank's Reel [add]
13. Hester [add]

The Music Plays Me (2006) 01. Princess Morgan/The Skipper [add]
02. The High Road [add]
03. Sligo [add]
04. A Sideways Glance/Gaestebud (Feast) [add]
05. The Music Plays Me [add]
06. Who Are These People [add]
07. The Abbeyfeale Polkas [add]
08. I Go Like the Raven [add]
09. Matty [add]
10. Danny Murphy's Reel/Monagahan Twig/Old Bush [add]
11. Old Silver [add]
12. Cuckoo's Nest/Old French/Red Wing [add]

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